Xbox rolls back UI change after backlash

Following the controversial decision to remove the ability to share Game DVR clips on Twitter, it looks like the most recent Xbox Early Access build has restored this previously omitted option. In a post on Twitter, Microsoft’s Xbox Insider Program Manager Brad Rossetti announcement This change. “Plan to take a new build 2204 to the Beta Ring later today with details to come,” Rossetti’s post opened. “Thank you for your feedback on the Twitter sharing functionality change we made in 2204 – this change is reverting to previous behavior starting today in this new release[.]Rossetti hasn’t explained why the Twitter feature was initially removed, although speculation seems to indicate that’s not the case. entirely popular among the Xbox gamer base and is only used by a vocal minority of gamers.

Outside of the Twitter sharing controversy, most of Xbox’s recent updates seem to have worked well with its base. An update in August 2021 included a “night mode” for Xbox consoles, a much-requested feature for years. This change followed a bug fix in Xbox’s popular Quick Resume feature, which allows players to continue their game exactly as they left off.

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