Xbox Game Pass confirms 2 Day One games for February 2022

Xbox Game Pass confirms that two games will debut on Xbox next month and will be available for the subscription service from day one.

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Microsoft Xbox Game Pass The subscription service has had an incredible start to the year, with January 2022 filled with new Game Pass games. Microsoft supported Xbox Game Pass in January 2022 with a variety of new game releases, but the titles that are buzzing the most are definitely day one games like Rainbow Six Mining and nobody saves the world. The full list of new Xbox Game Pass games for February 2022 has yet to be revealed, but two day one titles are already confirmed for next month.


As spotted by Pure Xbox, two games have confirmed their February 2022 release dates as well as their status as Xbox Game Pass games. The first is dreamscaper, a roguelite game split into two separate experiences. At night, players dream and must fight against enemies in a nightmarish fantasy world. During the day, they live their normal lives, explore the town and build relationships with other characters in the game who, in turn, give them bonuses while in the dream world.

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dreamscaper originally launched for PC and Nintendo Switch in 2020, earning critical acclaim in the process. However, it’s only just debuted on the Xbox console, which still qualifies it as a day one Xbox Game Pass game. Those interested can try it out when it launches on February 3.

Games Xbox Game Pass February 2022

  • Dreamscaper – February 3
  • Siege Console – February 10

The other day, Xbox Game Pass has also been available on PC for a while, but it’s also making its Xbox debut in February 2022 as a Game Pass title. seat console is the console version of Besiege, which is set to launch exclusively on the Xbox console on February 10. In it, players build siege engines to fight enemies, destroy castles, and solve puzzles.

Right now, dreamscaper and Besiege are two of the only games currently confirmed to be coming to Xbox Game Pass in February 2022, with the rest of the month’s deals shrouded in mystery. Microsoft tends to wait until the beginning of the month to reveal new games coming to Xbox Game Pass, so chances are fans will get a better idea of ​​the lineup next week.

Next week, Microsoft will also confirm that the games will leave Xbox Game Pass in February 2022, so fans should keep that in mind. However, Microsoft always makes sure that there are more games coming to Xbox Game Pass than there are games leaving the service, so subscribers shouldn’t worry too much about that.

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Source: Pure Xbox

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