Xbox consoles bring live streaming back to Twitch

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central

Microsoft just brought live streaming to Xbox gamers. Starting today, it’s possible to live stream via Twitch from Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One. This feature has been in testing since October 2021 and is now rolling out to general users. Before today, it was possible to stream to Twitch through the service’s Xbox app, but it wasn’t an elegant process compared to live streaming from the Xbox Dashboard.

To set up a live stream, players need to go to the “Capture and Share” tab in the Xbox Guide and select “Live Stream”. There they will see a button to go live. When streaming on Twitch through Xbox consoles, you can use the best webcams for Xbox or a headset. You can also customize the bitrate and resolution of your stream.

Before you can live stream on Twitch from your Xbox console, you will need to scan a QR code from an iOS or Android device or provide us with a URL.

You can customize your Twitch stream title through the options panel. If you switch to another game in the middle of your stream, Twitch will automatically update your stream data. When you switch between games, your stream will show a pause screen.

While streaming, you can manage game and microphone audio levels and set whether to include party chat.

Microsoft announced the new feature in a recent blog postwhich includes steps on how to get started.

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