Wylde Flowers will be released for Nintendo Switch in September The company will release Flowers for Nintendo Switch

Indie developer and publisher Studio Drydock announced this week that Wylde Flowers will be playing on the Nintendo Switch next month. This game has been released on Apple Arcade for 20 years. Both of these titles developed by women are receiving accolades and even awards. Now, from the new PC and the release scheduled for the same month, the team has confirmed that it will be released on Switch and hit the market on September 20, 2022. You can find the following slideshow and trailer show how it will be visible on both platforms.

Promotional art for Wylde Flowers, courtesy of Drydock Studio.

Go to the countryside and visit a cute little town and help her husband join his family’s thriving business. Get to know a memorable cast of full-voiced characters with intriguing stories of romance or romance! Relax your lifestyle in your rural lifestyle as you grow your crop, take care of animals, fish and more throughout the day. At night, train your inner witch by learning to ride the broomstick, brew potions, control the weather and seasons, or even transform into a cat! Fairhaven is waiting for you.

  • Tale of Witches: Savor a moving tale that combines farming with magic and personal discovery as Tara finds herself in a town.
  • The characters in the song “Wowlde Flowers” are immortalized by a cast in which a director, including the BAFTA-winning voice actor, can find success in more than eight hours of play.
  • THREE DIFFERENT CHARACTERS: From Natalia to Sophia leading the stag, each of these Fairhaven residents has a very intricate story waiting for you to love and fall in love.
  • Sweet Romance: Seven people from Fairhaven can be wooed and romanticized. From the local butcher Kim (they), to the flirting guy, a teacher.
  • Agriculture and magic: Learn magic and the craft of servants by cooking, fishing, farming, art and magic.
  • Lots to spend: Experienced gameplay includes all kinds of experiences.
  • Soundtrack: It is woven from the narrative and shows a musical score created with the help of a real orchestra that helps you decide.

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