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This Pokemon A 4-part mini-series aims to connect the Pokemon Legends: Arceus nintendo switch play with the Anime universe as Ash’s journey intertwines with another legendary Pokemon, while old friends join in the support. Naturally, Japan got the first peak of the new installment, which was released in January 2022 to coincide with by Nintendo Pokemon: Arceus video game. After making a mini-first at Pokemon World Championships in London this August, fans everywhere can expect Ash and Pikachu to entertain them with an epic adventure on netflix in September.


Ash and Goh go on an adventure to the Sinnoh region and encounter familiar faces in a world that has been recreated to resemble the past, referencing the region once known as Hisui. The script also makes an unmistakable nod to the classic Diamond & Pearl series, which had their own success Nintendo DS video games, all released in 2006. Pikachu and Scorebunny can’t take all the credit for a mythology-inspired story, so they’ll share the spotlight with the legendary Pokemon Heatran, Azelf, Mespirit, Uxie, and of course Arceus himself.

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The legendary Uxie represents knowledge, Mesprite emotion, and Azelf symbolizes willpower, and together they protect the Pokemon of the Sinnoh region. They are said to have been created by Arceus himself and share a strong connection to the legendary time-manipulating Dialga and the space-warping Palkia. Ash had previously helped The Lake Guardians during a Diamond & Pearl confrontation against Team Galactic, but it seems that the problems of this adorable psychic trio are far from being solved.

Fans may also remember Heatran from Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life, as a capricious larva-inspired legendary creature capable of leveling entire cities with its volcanic forces. Story-wise, only a Magma Rock can truly master this fire/steel type. Pokemon, but maybe the charming psychic trio can work their magic if things go well. The official trailer suggests that Arceus will also be involved, so things could spiral out of control if the big guns are called.

Hello strangers

Brock, Dawn and Cynthia will follow this trip down memory lane, as the Diamond & Pearl gang is finally reunited. Fans first met Dawn, the wannabe Pokemon Coordinator, when Piplup was introduced as a starter pokemon, and she essentially became Misty’s second replacement (after May.) Dawn gained many admirers by showing viewers the extravagant side of Pokemon Contest adding a fashionable twist to these beauty pageants and is arguably the franchise’s first “girly-girly.”

Brock looks all grown up now and struts around either in a white lab coat, completely shirtless, or with his iconic frilly pink apron, suggesting that his cooking skills too be made full screen. Maybe Brock has finally mastered the art of Dawn’s infamous Poffin recipe or created his own version after years of experimentation. The last fans saw of Brock, he was pursuing his dream of becoming a Pokemon breeder but decided to become a doctor instead. always following his nurturing passions – and making sure Nurse Joy was never far from him.

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Cynthia has gained a significant following since the Sinnoh champion’s success in the World Coronation Series as one of the reputable members of the Masters Eight. Cynthia’s precise role in this miniseries isn’t entirely clear, but her charm and style will no doubt dazzle viewers, with Roserade eloquently kicking things up a notch. Cynthia came to help the last time the Guardians of the Lake got into trouble, so why should this time be any different?

The Team Rocket trio seem to be nowhere in sight, but Team Galactic conveniently stepped in to wreak havoc as another Diamond & Pearl reference. Master Cyrus assumes his usual role as pack leader, and with the help of Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter, these villains appear to have captured a legendary Heatran to do their bidding. The goal of Team Galactic? Why, to take over the world of course, and recreate the entire universe by manipulating mystical portals and playing God, but sadly biting off far more than they can chew.

Conflicting timelines

Whereas Pokemon: The Chronicle of Arceuss is a standalone mini-feature, the storyline seems to be relatively canon for the Pokémon journeys adventures due to the inclusion of Goh and Scorebunny, though they probably aren’t directly related to the World Coronation Series. Brock and pink lab coat Pokemon also indicate character development more in line with the current storyline, as the big career change was made in the Diamond & Pearl special episode.

According to the Japanese release date timeline, The Chronicles of Arceus aired shortly after Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series (Part 1), which will probably be available on netflix later in 2022. So while Japan may be ahead of the rest of the world with their Pokemon updates, it seems the overall overall viewing experience matches up quite eloquently. However, the nintendo switch version is intended as a prequel to the Diamond & Pearl edition, therefore leading Legends: Arceus on his own mission, no one complains.

Pokemon: The Chronicle of Arceuss will make its international netflix beginning September 23, 2022.

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