Two-stick 3D shooter Aniquilation is now available on Nintendo Switch

Metal IQ, the power source that powered your civilization, is gone and you must find an alternative across the galaxy. But things don’t go as planned. As you travel through the universe, you’ll find that IQ metal isn’t as good as you thought. Instead, you’ll hear about the ultimate weapon, called Aniquilation, that could help your kind forever.

Aniquilation lets players engage in a 3D twin-stick shooter that will allow them to use the environment as a weapon. Terraform planets; use their buildings, elements and infrastructure as weapons; unlock and upgrade new ships with different skills and abilities as you advance. Aniquilation also features five different game modes that can be played alone or with friends.


  • Enjoy action-packed twin-stick shooter for over 30 levels
  • Creatively use the environment to destroy your enemies: throw or reflect elements on the surface to clear the surface of any threat.
  • Play solo or with friends in five game modes: story, defend the base (protect your bases and destroy your enemy’s), goal (score more goals than your opponent), contagion (the player who spends the least infected time wins) and free for all (finish your rival and his buildings)
  • Choose between different ships, each with their unique set of abilities and skills. Unlock and upgrade new ships as you progress

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