Top Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons 2022 third parties: what to look for and other details

Choosing the best third-party Nintendo Switch joy-cons is a lot easier than you might think. One of the benefits of having a joy-con from manufacturers other than Nintendo is having a cheap alternative.

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But, you have to be careful while choosing one because there are third-party joy consoles which are really flimsy. They can even affect your Nintendo Switch gadget if they are broken while attached to it.

Now, here are some of the things you should look for when choosing the best Nintendo Switch joy-con alternative.

Best third-party Nintendo Switch Joy-Con: picking the right one

According to Geek Reviews‘ Latest report, there are some things you need to look for when choosing the right Nintendo Switch Joy-Con alternative. These include in particular the following:

Top Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons 2022 third parties: what to look for and other details

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  • Check if the third-party Joy-Con offers Amiibo support so you can play “Smash Bros”, “Animal Crossing” and other similar titles.
  • Check if motion control support is available. This feature will allow you to enjoy adventure and action titles, such as “Zelda: Breath of the Wild”.
  • Battery life is also a must check. Most third-party Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch only have 10 hours, which is a downgrade from the original version’s 20-hour battery life.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, you should also check if the alternative joy-con supports HD rumble, IR camera, as well as turbo mode and macros.

Top Third-Party Joy-Cons Nintendo Switch 2022

iMore reported that most gamers tend to choose a joy-con alternative that offers a traditional design. If you prefer this one, the best option for you is the YCCTEAM Nintendo Switch controller.

This model offers the main functions of the original Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. It also has motion and vibration detection functions.

Besides YCCTEAM model, you can also try these other joy-con alternatives provided by Esports point:

  • Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (provides the best experience in handheld mode)
  • BestFire NS Joy-Con Controller (Provides a retro-style design, which will appeal to long-time Nintendo Switch fans)
  • Nyko Dualies (provides the best multiplayer experience)
  • Binbok Joypad for Switch (considered the best overall third-party joy-con. Once you use it, your console will be similar to Xbox and PlayStation consoles.
  • KINVOCA C25 JoyPad Controller (provides the best universal grip experience)

Recently, Nintendo explained why it took so long for its 3D games, such as “Kirby and the Forgotten Land”, to be completed.

Meanwhile, Nintendo’s first gacha fantasy mobile game has been pulled by the game company.

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