These sports games have smaller player bases than their console counterparts, but that doesn’t make them bad. Some of the PC versions of these games support faster frame rates and a wider variety of high resolution monitors. Have you ever wanted to see the whole football field? On a PC, it’s simple. PC sports games are now virtually flawless. Nobody had time for UFC 4 and MLB The Show 21 with Street Fighter V and Super Mega Baseball III.

Here are our 5 favorite sports games on PC!


Football Manager is one of the most comprehensive tactical sports games ever made. Football Manager 22 puts you in the shoes of Pep Guardiola as you try to manage an abrasive squad on a shoestring budget. Football Manager’s databases provide detailed information on thousands of players, including their strengths and weaknesses. Football Manager 22 gives you the tools to become the best manager ever, whether you want to manage a non-league club or a Super League side.


We don’t have many options for PC baseball games. Metalhead Software’s superb baseball series is a welcome alternative to console-licensed games. The designers have worked hard to create a game that is easy to play and enjoy. Despite its cartoonish look, Super Mega Baseball 3 is a deep game on and off the field. Even if you’re only playing multiplayer, there’s plenty of material for single-player as well. The series’ new Franchise mode spans many years rather than a single season. Build a strong team and watch them fight for the crown.


FIFA has been a cornerstone of PC gaming since the 1990s. Despite occasional long waits between engine updates, EA has always prioritized PC gamers. In terms of gameplay, FIFA 21 was revolutionary, but as they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. FIFA has ruled the football landscape ever since FIFA 11 introduced Ultimate Team. The card game has profoundly changed sports games forever as players clamor for weekly updates. Building a team of your previous and current players is too tempting.


It’s hard to talk about FIFA without talking about Pro Evo, or eFootball PES as it’s currently called. Although not as well known as the FIFA series, Pro Evolution Soccer has a passionate fan base. Compared to FIFA, PES 2021 is more realistic and gives players greater control over each player. The latest 2022 version is a disaster, so let’s avoid discussing it. Remember, this is the best alternative to FIFA 22 if you really want to play something else.


The NFL franchise has returned to the PC platform after a long hiatus. There are no other American football games available except Madden NFL 22. This is good news for PC gamers as Madden 22 is the same game as the console versions. The Madden series has been criticized for being complacent due to a lack of competitiveness. Madden 22 isn’t the best game in the series, but fans have to take the good with the bad.

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