Today’s Quordle Answers — Game #32, Friday, February 25

Since Quordle is like Wordle but much harder, there’s no shame if you’re looking for today’s Quordle answer. Or rather ‘answers’ in the plural, because Quordle has four solutions to find every day.

If you haven’t played it yet, you should: it’s four times the fun of the original viral word game. But it’s arguably more than four times harder, because you only have nine guesses to find the quartet of words.

Like Wordle, it also resets every day at 7 p.m. ET, so if you miss a game, you’ll have no way of knowing what the previous day’s responses were. Well, unless you bookmark this page, in which case you can check out today’s Quordle answers at your leisure, as we’ll be updating them nightly.

But beware: Spoilers await for Game #32, so only read on if you want today’s Quordle answers! And please don’t use this page to cheat and pretend to others that you understood correctly when you really didn’t. It would be a misuse of our hard work.

Today’s Quordle Answers, Game #32, Friday, February 25

Quordle 32

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So what are today’s Quordle answers for game #32?

We will no longer hold you in suspense. They are:

Did you get them all? I did, but just. As you can see in the image above, it was touch and go all the way, with my answers coming from the last four guesses. And while I was sure I had three at this point, the last one was a shot in the dark that I got lucky with.

None of these words are particularly common, but they are also far from obscure. Here’s how often they’re used in English, according to Information about words and phrases.

  • VIXEN (23,975)
  • MURASS (23,880)
  • ALIGN (6017)
  • FEATHER (19,828)

That’s a far cry from some recent games (see below), which saw much more obscure solutions like QUOTH (not even in the first 60,000 words).

But Quordle is never easy and today’s words threw a few curve balls into the mix. The inclusion of rarely used letters like X and Q always complicates matters, there is no O included at all, only an A and two Es. Also, it took me forever to realize that ALIGN was a word – blame me doing it at 5.30am in the UK…

Anyway, I made it in the end and I hope you will too. By all means, let me know in the comments.

Previous Quordle Answers

If you are looking for a list of older Quordle answers, we can help you too. Here is a list going back 10 games.

  • Quordle #31: POWER, STICK, BRINGS, FLIER
  • Quordle #30: TROVE, CAPER, SHOUT, BEADY
  • Quordle #29: JOINT, GRONDE, GORGE, CAPUT
  • Quordle #28: FILER, CADET, BEGIN, ROBOT.
  • Quordle #27: ACRID, ENOUGH, GOING, SEPIA
  • Quordle #26: QUOTH, DOGMA, RUMBLE, STICK
  • Quordle #25: SPICE, CLUMP, KHAKI, PORK
  • Quordle #24: PLUMB, VALID, GLEAN, IMPLY
  • Quordle #23: BRAVE, CLOSE, FLAIL, PRUDE
  • Quordle #22: GAVEL, FRAME, LIVID, TRICK

What else should I know about Quordle?

Quordle is one of many Wordle clones to have arrived following the huge success of Wordle. It’s essentially the same game, but you play four versions of it simultaneously and have nine attempts to guess all the answers.

The letters behave as they do in Wordle, turning green if they’re in the right place, yellow if they’re in the word but in the wrong place, and gray if they’re not included in the answer at all.

An added benefit is that although there is only one puzzle game per day, a practice mode is also included. And you may well need it, because it’s quite difficult.

If Quordle is too difficult for you, you might prefer something from our list of the best Wordle alternatives, but if you want an even more stressful test, we recommend Squabble. We also like the Worldle geography-based Wordle clone, the Star Wars-themed SWordle, and the math-based Mathler, among others.

But the original is still the best, so don’t forget to also check out our best Wordle seed words and watch today’s Wordle answer if you don’t get a chance to play.

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