The packaged version “DoDonPachi Resurrection” for Nintendo Switch™ has appeared

The deluxe edition includes an arranged soundtrack CD and a special steel book

LiveWire Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that he is pleased to announce that he is currently distributing “DoDonPachi Resurrection” for the new nintendo Switch™. We decided to sell a boxed version. The boxed version will be produced and sold by Limited Run Games, and pre-orders will be accepted starting September 2.

Main features of the boxed version for nintendo Switch™
In this package, in addition to software alone, “Collector’s Edition” and “Steelbook Edition” which come with deluxe benefits will be released. Also, to commemorate the sale of this package, we have written a new Sound arrangement. By changing the game settings, it is possible to enjoy the game while listening to this arranged sound.

DoDonPachi Resurrection”chiptune Arrangement album trailer
We feature some of the arranged sounds in this trailer. While mainly using retro sound sources in the 8-bit style, it is a special sound that ends in a dynamic and powerful sound.

PEPOSOFT, a composer who has worked on all the music for Team Ladybug’s works and is a game music native who learned to compose while making music for the games, is in charge of the music arrangement background. Please enjoy the sound arranged by up-and-coming creators who sent “Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth”, “Touhou Luna Nights” and “DRAINUS”. and others around the world. In addition, “Collector’s Edition”, one of the product lines, is a very valuable product that includes a soundtrack CD containing all the sounds of this arrangement.

●Official Limited Edition Games Online Store:

– DoDonPachi Resurrection: Standard Edition

– DoDonPachi Resurrection: Steelbook Edition

– DoDonPachi Resurrection: Collector’s Edition:

– DoDonPachi Resurrection: Switch Mini Arcade

By incorporating the nintendo Switch™ head unit, this kit allows you to play this game on a vertical screen. You can easily enjoy the arcade feeling at home.

“Standard Edition” and “Switch Mini Arcade” are also included in “Standard Edition & Switch Mini Arcade”, “Collector’s Edition” and “Switch Mini Arcade” ” is also available as a set “Collector’s Edition & Switch Mini Arcade” .

■Reservation period
September 2, 2022 ~ October 2, 2022 11:59 PM
※ Because this is a completely made-to-order production type, it may be difficult to obtain if you miss this opportunity.

What is DoDonPachi Resurrection

The popular series “DoDonPachi” This game, which enjoys particularly high popularity among titles, adopts “Hyper Counter Mode” which cancels enemy bullets at the same time as powering up your own aircraft, “Counter Laser” which cancels enemy lasers, etc. It is a vertical scrolling shooter game with a wide range of gameplay.

In addition, as with “Mushihimesama” and “Espgaluda II” which have been distributed so far, you can set options to enjoy the game on the vertical screen, so that you can enjoy the atmosphere of a game carefully.

In the nintendo Switch™ version of “DoDonPachi Resurrection”, starting with “Novice Mode” which lowered the difficulty level for novice shooters, “Black Label” which can challenge the barrage which became even more intense, “Black Label Arrangement” which you can play on your own plane from “Ketsui”, previous work “DoDonPachi DaiOuJou” You can enjoy 8 game modes such as “Arrange A” which you can play on your own machine and “ver1.51” where you can play a special edition limited to the event.

In addition, the Black Label allows you to fight [email protected][email protected] (Zatsuza) at all times in training mode, which was very difficult to encounter.

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