Star Gagnant retro-style shmup in development for Nintendo Switch

Regista announced vertical scrolling shmup Winning Star for the Nintendo Switch, which is under development under the supervision of Takahashi Meijin, and there will be a crowdfunding campaign for the project starting on September 5 at 5 p.m. (JST).

Takahashi Meijin, a former Hudson Soft employee now working with MAGES who since the Famicom era has been a key figure in the shmup genre, and well known for his fast firing speed which allowed him to fire 16 rounds per second. After feeling that “Today’s shmups are too difficult and can’t be enjoyed by everyone!” he went to work to create a new “rapid-fire retro-style shmup that everyone can enjoy”, and worked with Regista to create the Winning Star project.

Winning Star will have a variety of modes to allow players to experience the full appeal of the shmup genre, including:

1. An Arcade mode where the goal is to clear each stage and reach the end.
2. A caravan mode where players compete in a two-minute scoring attack.
3. A Challenge mode where players compete using pure technique.

The crowdfunding campaign for the game will be held between September 5 and October 5 (JST) on the crowdfunding site Ubgoe, with the initial fundraising target of 1 million yen or approximately $7,000, and the project adopts an All-in (keep-it-all), which means that development will continue even if this goal is not achieved.

The game is set to release in May 2023, and there are a number of support levels on offer ranging from 1,000 yen or around $7 to 300,000 yen or around $2,000. This will include rewards such as the privilege to feed or drink Takahashi Meijin and the development team, having your name added to the credits, getting a limited edition t-shirt, and the chance to design an enemy or a boss that appear in the game.

Additional details can be found on Ubgoe campaign page.

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