Splatoon 3 fan thrills in Miitopia

A fan takes Shiver from Splatoon 3 and accurately recreates the Deep Cut idol in Nintendo’s outlandish RPG Miitopia.

Splaton 3 only came out last week, but a fan has already recreated Deep Cut’s Shiver in another Nintendo game, Mitopia. Along with Frye and Big Man, Shiver forms the idol group Deep Cut which takes on presenting duties in Splaton 3.

mitopia started life on the Nintendo 3DS before receiving a Switch port in 2021. In the comedy RPG, players create their own characters using the Mii Creator, which Nintendo has included in several games since the Wii era, and fans wanted to show their creations, like the Zeraora of Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon. To that end, Redditor dynamicbeemo used the creation tool to accurately recreate Shiver, allowing the new idol to help players on their journey.


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Including her hairstyle and triangular eyebrows, and even smaller details like Shiver’s spiked earrings, the recreation is an impressive feat and shows just how flexible the creative tool is. He’s not the first member of Deep Cut to be created in mitopia, as the Redditor also recreated Frye’s likeness. Dynamicbeemo isn’t one to keep creations to itself, as both characters come with the appropriate access keys so other players can download them directly into the extravagant RPG to join the party.

When Deep Cut was first unveiled by Nintendo, fans were particularly enamored with Shiver and began to speculate about the identity of Splatville’s newest star. This has become a hot topic on social media and even led to Nintendo confirming that Shiver uses the pronouns She/Her in Splaton 3.

It seems fans have fallen in love with not only Deep Cut, but the game itself. The last entry in the Splatoon The series found early success with fans, as Nintendo provided a rare sales update outside of its quarterly earnings report. The Japanese giant has confirmed that Splaton 3 has already surpassed 3.45 million units sold in Japan in its first three days on sale. For comparison, Splatoon 2 managed around 648,000 copies during the same period the title was released in 2017, showing that Nintendo has significantly increased the appeal of the shooter.

The next Nintendo Direct is scheduled for September 13, and this could be Nintendo’s chance to reveal the sequel to the online shooter. The developers previously announced that Splaton 3 has a two-year plan, including the return of regular Splatfests and future DLC, so it would seem logical that players could see the first teased information during the presentation.

Splaton 3 is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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