Reader Opinion: Which PlayStation console had the best startup screen and sound?

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No other console maker has knocked the ball out of the park with boot sounds more than Sony. From the PlayStation OG to the PS5, there are so many memorable little jingles that Sony has provided over the years, each of which perfectly encapsulated the console era they represented.

But what PlayStation startup sound was the better?

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Our opinion

Paul writes… I love how each PlayStation startup sound takes you back to a different time, but it also means that nostalgia definitely clouds my view when it comes to the best PlayStation startup sound. I have vivid memories of the booming pulse of the OG PlayStation sound before it kicked off Crash Bandicoot 2/Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater/Ape Escape, or the sci-fi soundscape that is the PS2 boot. The little PS3 orchestral number is nice, but the PS4 and PS5 sounds are a bit forgettable compared to the rest.

I’m going to have to follow the start of the original PlayStation just because it felt like it was the start of something we’ve never seen in video games before. The Nintendo 64 didn’t even have a startup sound, starting you straight into the game after inserting the cartridge and turning on the power. PlayStation felt powerful in a way a console had never felt before – it was like the first video game console that wasn’t a toy.

You said…

In the last reader review, we asked for your opinion on Square Enix selling Eidos and Crystal Dynamics.

On Twitter, you replied:

And in the comments section, Adam replied:

I think it’s good to get them out of the way, but not to fall into the hands of a holding company that most haven’t even heard of before. if they were known for doing good things, they wouldn’t be unknown. That’s not to say they’re bad either, but it’s certainly not as fun as if Microsoft or Sony had taken over the studios.

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