PS5 players can now reveal the console’s biggest secret

PS5 players now have the option to reveal hidden trophies in games.

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Thanks to the new firmware update for Sony’s now more expensive PlayStation 5 console, players can now reveal the PS5’s hidden trophies at once, eliminating the need to select each trophy individually. While this doesn’t seem like an important feature for average gamers, and certainly doesn’t improve gaming performance like the new PS5 does, being able to reveal the PS5’s hidden trophies will make it easier to track finalists. and trophy hunters. of all their trophies without having to reveal their information individually.

According Destructoid, the new toggle option shows automatic information for all PS5 hidden trophies in all PS5 games. So instead of hitting the square button to find out the trophy name and criteria, you can now toggle the option for the full list of PS5 hidden trophies in the game. This is actually a good thing for gamers to have the spoilers hidden and revealed just by pressing the button, but there is a segment of the community that will jump at the first opportunity to reveal the trophy info in an attempt to collect all of the trophies.

Of course, a PS5 hidden trophy toggle is a popular option for players looking to achieve “100% complete” status on their save data without too much hassle. This feature will probably be most useful for those who have completed the game’s storyline, as it reduces the time spent scrolling through the trophy list and finding hidden trophies. In fact, this option might be best used after the first playthrough, as some game trophies contain spoilers, like Forbidden Horizon West. However, revealing all of the PS5’s hidden trophies will have to be done on a game-by-game basis.

The downside is that revealing the PS5’s hidden trophies can be done from the general trophies menu which contains all player games instead of using the trophies section for each individual game. Maybe that’s something Sony could fix in one of their future updates, and maybe some of their multiplayer trophy issues are of concern to the gaming community. In the meantime, toggling hidden trophy information is certainly one less distraction for finalists and trophy hunters who previously had to select trophies individually.

When it comes to firmware update, game lists are perhaps the biggest upgrade, allowing gamers to organize their game libraries however they see fit. The new system now supports up to 15 different playlists with up to 100 titles each, and a game can be added to multiple playlists. The most requested feature, however, was 1140p display support for those with 2K (also known as QuadHD) monitors. The PlayStation 5 console works great on 4K screens, but it never favored those specific screens for some reason.

Finally, aside from the PS5 Hidden Trophy toggle, the entire system received plenty of quality-of-life updates, like the Quick Menu revamp and a handful of additional social features. There are likely smaller changes scattered throughout the system, but these aren’t usually of much concern to players. In the meantime, Sony is facing a massive lawsuit over the price of its games, the price of the console has increased significantly, and the new revised model has proved to be more energy efficient.

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