Pokemon Unite Get Paid Membership

According to a recent announcement, Pokemon Unite will introduce a paid monthly subscription which includes certain benefits.

The Pokemon Company took the world by storm on July 21, 2021, when it was released Pokemon Unite on the Nintendo Switch. In September of the same year, a mobile port hit Android and iOS devices, making Pokemon Unite one of the greatest games available.

The joint efforts of The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studio Group were an immediate success as the game reached nine million downloads on the Switch in September 2021 and over 30 million a month after it became available on mobile devices. Nowadays, Pokemon Unite reached 70 million downloads on Switch and mobile.


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While the game was released to mostly positive reviews, it received its fair share of criticism. Popular Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator Moistcr1tikal highlighted the intensity Pokemon UniteThe pay-to-win of can be to spend more than $100 to improve the items held by his Pokémon. While future updates have created a less taxing experience for gamers’ wallets, Nintendo and TiMi Studio plan to move forward with a paid monthly subscription for its users. The game will remain free to download and play on the Switch and mobile devices, but players will have the option to spend a bit more to earn perks and items.

Although world prices have not been published, the total amount in Japanese yen is 1,150, which is equivalent to $8.99 in US dollars or $11.49 in Canadian dollars. Players can expect to receive special Holowear each month, two free Unite License Trials, two weekly Holowear License Trials, new Cat Balloons to use in-game, and a 10% Trainer Fashion discount in the store of the game, plus 40 gems each day. Players who sign up for the monthly subscription will also receive a Hoopa Set Fashion item, available upon first signup. It should be noted that the subscription will be set to renew automatically but can be canceled at any time, while items received during registration cannot be shared with other accounts on the Switch or mobile device .

Alongside the announcement of membership, a new Pokemon Unite Battle Pass will feature Blastoise and Charizard, unveiling all-new Holowear for both characters as well as cherry blossom-themed items to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan. On April 28, a new event mission will kick in that will give players a chance to get new Holowear for Eldegoss and Trevenant just by collecting flowers while completing tasks, and a new season of Ranked Battle will start with new new Mamoswine Holowear. Starting May 7, the first Saturday of every month will be Pokemon Unite Day, an event that allows players to use all Pokemon for free, and Holowear will be on sale, along with increased Aeos Coins and Energy Aeos of battles.

Pokemon Unite is now available for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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Source: Serebii

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