Pokemon Fan Creates Nostalgic Pokemon Emerald Animation

An artist decides to pay homage to one of the old fan-favorite Pokemon titles, Pokemon Emerald, by making a detailed pixel art animation.

Pokemon Emerald was released in 2005 on Game Boy Advance, and it allowed fans to once again explore the vast region of Hoenn and try to capture all the Pokemon. The third game in the franchise’s third generation tends to be a fan favorite due to the features it added and improved, as well as the eye-catching new design given to the title’s playable tracks. A fan decided to revisit emerald in art, creating highly detailed nostalgic pixel art animation.


There are plenty of reasons why Pokemon Emerald stands out among the rest Pokemon Games. Some of them are simple, such as cosmetic tweaks and additional balancing of certain Pokemon teams. emerald also marked specific features becoming mainstays, such as animated sprites and abilities that have an effect on the game’s outside world.

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As a tribute to this unique GBA title, an artist known as itzaspace found on Reddit and Twitter decided to create a fairly detailed pixel art animation of May riding her bike down a hill. The animation loops as May climbs higher and higher, featuring Pokémon relaxing along the scenic route.

Fans appreciate the art, commenting that it inspired them to try to find their old copy of emerald to play it again. A fan in the comments used the game’s nostalgia to share the time he failed to get the game from a retro video game auction that sold it for a high price and refused to sell. go lower. Unfortunately, this is to be expected, because Pokemon Emerald has not been reissued since its first release in 2005, resulting in high prices on used copies.

Even though fans don’t have a copy of Pokemon Emerald handy, the animation by itzaspace does a great job of encompassing what players might visualize while playing the game. The art brings it to life with remarkable attention to detail, from the fence seen on many of the early routes of the game, with what appears to be Slateport City in the background. Several Pokémon also make an appearance, including the special Jigglypuff from the anime singing a Slaking to sleep.

The use of pixel art for the animation makes it possible to capture the atmosphere of the game, especially since emerald was done when Pokemon sprites used. This animation is another example of the talent of the fans of the series, it is not the only intriguing animation made in honor of Pokemon. Another fan took the time to animate their own idea of ​​making Poke Balls, for example.

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