‘Nuclear Blaze’ is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One in early 2023

Do you remember playing firefighters when you were a kid? Well, it’s time to turn your dreams into reality!

nuclear fire is a unique 2D firefighting game from the creator of Dead Cells, where your job is to fight your way through a secret military complex mysterious installation and try to bring the fire under control.

As a skilled firefighter, after being dropped into a hellish fire of unknown origin, your job is to investigate a mysterious military installation and search for survivors. However, something tells us that you might not be so welcomed here.

With only your wits, your reflexes and your trusty fire hose, it’s up to you to try and put out all the fires in each sector. But it will not be an easy task: a wildfire will spread uncontrollably all around you, and each door you open could lead to a new unstoppable hell.

But nuclear fire It’s not just about fighting fires: hidden among the embers is a world filled with spicy secrets, story-enhancing tricks and an old firefighter favorite…cats to save!

Red Art Games will bring the heat when released nuclear fire on consoles worldwide early next year digitally.

“Working with Red Art Games has really been a great pleasure. I know very well that this is what everyone expects to read in a press release, but in this case, the team has done a thorough and high quality job, which has made possible the console port of Nuclear Blaze,” says original creator Sébastien Bénard.

nuclear fireThe console version of also includes the “Hold my Beer” mode which adds hidden areas on all levels as well as new threats which require a more precise and tactical approach.

Information regarding the physical releases of Nuclear Blaze will arrive at a later date.

Main characteristics

  • Smooth “signature” controls and gameplay made famous by Sebastien Benardformer associate of Motion Twin, and lead game developer and designer on dead cells.
  • Dedicated “Child Mode” Designed for ages 3 and up, level design, settings, and gameplay are tweaked so this challenging adventure can be enjoyed by everyone!
  • “Hold my Beer” mode adding hidden areas as well as new threats and tactical elements
  • Several unique levels to explore as you fight your way through the fiery hellscape of a mysterious military installation.
  • Discover the puzzles of Nuclear Blaze by finding secrets and hidden stories scattered throughout each level.

Currently available for PC (Steam), nuclear fire coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One (playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S) in early 2023.

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