No Man’s Sky is now available on Nintendo Switch

No Man’s Sky, the big game-changer from Hello Games, has finally been released on Nintendo Switch, six years after its initial release on PC and PlayStation 4.

Release date of No Man’s Sky on Nintendo Switch: October 7, 2022

The release date of No Man’s Sky on Nintendo Switch was the October 7, 2022.

No Man’s Sky has arrived on the Nintendo Switch, and it looks like the game’s performance on Nintendo’s handheld hybrid console is serviceable. Unlike its original launch in 2016, No Man’s Sky is playable and not riddled with bugs and glitches. However, this is only the minimum, of course. So what’s in the Nintendo Switch version of the game and what features were left out?

Game Modes – The game will feature most of the same game modes available on other platforms, namely:

  • Normal – An Infinite Journey: Explore and survive in a limitless universe
  • Survival – A survival challenge: more dangers, less inventory, more costs
  • Permadeath – Extreme Survival Challenge: Save Wipe On Death
  • Creative – Explore and create freely: no cost, no damage, no limits
  • Community Expedition – Undertake a time-limited expedition for special rewards

Multiplayer – Unfortunately, multiplayer is not included in the Switch version of No Man’s Sky. You cannot party with friends and explore worlds together, or meet other players in-game through chance encounters.

Performance – This section is probably the dealbreaker for many. Thankfully, the game is full on cartridge/download and not cloud-based, so performance issues should be more stable by comparison. In terms of frame rate, the game runs mostly at 30fps, with the game experiencing FPS drops when facing large bases outdoors. The game uses a rendering technique that only requires objects to be rendered when the player is facing them. As such, pop-up would be an issue here, as items could only spawn when players turn to face them. In terms of image quality, there’s some resolution scaling here, again done to keep the frame rate as high as possible. Playing the game on larger screens while rooted would make these resolution issues more glaring and noticeable.

Fortunately, getting in and out of a planet is a seamless experience, which is perfect considering it’s one of No Man’s Sky’s most exciting features. In that regard, No Man’s Sky on the Nintendo Switch makes that experience largely untouched, even in handheld mode.

One problem with the Nintendo Switch version of No Man’s Sky, however, is that the Switch version has an awfully long load time when playing a new game, taking up to three to four minutes, although mileage here may vary. .

Assess – So, is No Man’s Sky on Nintendo Switch worth it? Certainly not if you like playing exploration games with your friends. However, if you just like relaxing games and exploring on your own in single player mode, then the Nintendo Switch plug definitely worth your time. There’s so much to do in the game, even in single-player mode, and being able to take it on the go extends your playtime with the game. If you haven’t played No Man’s Sky on another platform yet, form, then it’s a good introduction. You can jump into multiplayer experiences later on PC or consoles. However, moving from PC or other consoles to the Switch might seem like a terrible downgrade that not everyone could live with.

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