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The new from Nintendo Splaton 3 The OLED Switch may not be the Switch Pro, but it’s still tempting for the wallet.

As revealed yesterday, via a tweet from the official Nintendo of America account, this August will see the release of a new Nintendo Switch OLED. Internally, it’s exactly the same as all standard Nintendo OLED Switches; in other words, it has a bright OLED display, a bit larger than the original Nintendo Switch.

But it was adorned with symbols and colors directly from Splaton 3, the third entry in Nintendo’s paint-tossing and squid-morphing series. This title, which does not come with this Switch, is expected to arrive on September 9. It is therefore appropriate that the Splaton 3 OLED Nintendo Switch arrives on August 26, a few weeks early.

On top of that, September 9 will also see the release of a Splatoonthemed Pro Controller and a Splatoon– Switch themed carrying case. You can pre-order the Splaton 3 OLED Nintendo Switch from Nintendo’s own website and we expect it to make its way to other retailers shortly. It’s priced £10 more than the standard OLED Switch, although non-Nintendo retailers may charge more or less.

As for the Switch Pro? There’s no evidence that a more powerful version of the Switch exists, dubbed the Switch Pro, but the rumors persist. Nintendo previously introduced a two-tier console, the 3DS and the slightly more powerful New 3DS, but doing the same with the Nintendo Switch would be a risky move.

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