Nintendo Switch slashed to lowest price ever as console sales drop 20%

Here’s something we don’t say all that often: the Nintendo Switch is now on sale at its lowest price ever. The hybrid console has remained fixed at its recommended price since its launch in 2017, but with today’s deal you can now buy a Nintendo Switch on Amazon for $259.99 (was $299.99) .

Price drops on the Nintendo Switch are almost never seen due to its immense popularity. In fact, for a long time it was virtually impossible to buy one as the stock sold out within hours. In short, there was no reason to reduce it.

And, while it’s true that Nintendo just revealed it saw a 20% drop in Switch console sales over the past fiscal year, that’s more blamed on supply chain issues and a shortage of hardware. components, rather than a decline in interest in the hybrid console.

Either way, that rare and unexpected $40 discount should give those sales numbers a quick boost. It rivals the best Nintendo Switch deals we only see during major sales events like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day. These offers are also limited to bundles that include additional games or accessories starting at $299.99. Today’s deal, on the other hand, is quite simply the lowest price ever for a brand new console.

Today’s best Nintendo Switch deal

A sign of things to come for Switch deals?

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While the timing of this Nintendo Switch deal may be completely coincidental, it raises questions about the console’s future price in the United States. Late last year, the Nintendo Switch received a permanent price cut of £20 in the UK and €60 in Europe to coincide with the release of the upgraded Nintendo Switch OLED. Nothing similar has been announced for the United States.

So, is it now time for this reduction to be matched across the Atlantic? Perhaps. As mentioned above, however, this recent drop in sales seems less related to an actual drop in interest in the console. Even though its lifetime sales are now at 107.65 million and there’s probably no one else to buy it, we see the console selling out steadily for short periods of time.

Nintendo says the current shortage of semiconductors is the reason sales are weaker this year, as production can’t keep up with demand. Additionally, the console has had a huge couple of years during the pandemic due to increased reliance on home entertainment and the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons (now up to 38.64 million in total sales), so maintaining that pace was always going to be unlikely.

If you’re one of the few who don’t have one and decide to buy a console today, why not check out some of the cheap Nintendo Switch games available today to go along with it. We’ve also rounded up all the lowest prices on the best accessories for the console, including all the best Nintendo Switch Pro controller deals and the cheapest Nintendo Switch Online deals.

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