Nintendo Switch Rumored to Get One of the Best Games of 2021

Recent Nintendo Switch rumors have suggested that the Nintendo console may soon be getting what was considered one of the best games of 2021: It takes two. The multiplayer game from Hazelight Studios and Electronic Arts won awards last year and even managed to win Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2021, among other accolades. If the recent rumors pan out as people suspect, we may soon hear about this game’s Nintendo Switch report during a Nintendo Direct that’s supposed to take place this month.

The first indication of this game coming to the Nintendo Switch came when prominent leaker The Snitch posted a line of emojis on his Discord server. Around the Nintendo Switch emojis, the images used showed things like a tree, a clock, a bee, and a book, among others.

After analyzing the message, followers of The Snitch came to the conclusion that it was a clue to It takes two come to the switch. The theory behind this is that the emojis represent different levels or key parts of the game. The tree and the cuckoo clock are levels of It takes two for example, while the bee probably represents the game’s wasp battles. One of the biggest giveaways was the red book near the end of the teaser which was apparently meant to be a stand-in for Dr. It takes two which takes the form of red”love book.”

Shortly after this leak was shared, Jeff Grubb spoke about this rumor in the latest episode of The Nintendo Shack. He referenced The Snitch’s post saying that It takes two is one of the games that Grubb has heard will be featured in the Nintendo Direct.

This Nintendo Direct itself hasn’t even been announced yet, but considering everything we’ve already talked about, people are already pretty convinced the Direct is coming this month. It’s rumored to take place in about two weeks, so if so, look for it. It takes two be part of the games presented.

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