Nintendo Switch patch finally adds folders so you can organize your games

A new software patch for the Nintendo Switch has finally made it possible to organize games into groups, providing one element that the machine has suffered from since its release in 2017: folders. The 14.0.0 update gives you the ability to group games into groups, so you can more easily find games installed on the console’s internal or extended storage. Gone are the days when you had to sift through your entire game library to find what you were looking for.

by Nintendo patch notes for the 14.0.0 update detail the change, and the console manufacturer also provided some quick instructions how to create new software groups. In short, you can now organize the All Software tab either as a single grid-based list of games or by groups you create. You can also name groups, making it easy to find the exact type of game you’re looking for. Nintendo’s instruction page says you can create up to 100 parties on the console, with up to 200 games each. So it should take care of all your gaming organization needs.

The bad news, however, is that your records only will appear in the All Software tab and will not appear in the Home tab. That means you’ll still be dealing with that horizontal list of recently played games, and you’ll need to do a few more clicks to access your neatly organized games library.

The 14.0.0 update also fixes some issues with Bluetooth audio devices, like headphones. You can now adjust the volume of Bluetooth devices either on the Switch, as it was before, or on the device itself, if it has a volume dial. The patch also allows the maximum volume to be increased on Bluetooth devices, although Nintendo notes that the volume will be reduced when connecting these devices, to prevent you from accidentally blowing an eardrum.

Now all Switch needs is some killer eShop music and it will be good.

Check out the full patch notes below.

Nintendo Switch Update 14.0.0

The “Groups” feature has been added to the All Software menu.

  • You can now create software groups to help you organize your software titles.
  • Creating groups for different game genres, developers, or whatever else you want to organize can make it easier to find the app you want.
    • Up to 100 groups can be created with a maximum of 200 titles per group.
  • The button to jump to the “All Software” screen only appears when there are 13 or more software title icons on the system.
  • For more information, see How to Create Software Groups.

The behavior of Bluetooth audio volume has been changed.

  • You can now adjust the volume of Bluetooth audio devices using the Nintendo Switch console or via the volume control buttons on the Bluetooth audio device.
    • The Bluetooth audio device must support AVRCP profiles for these changes to work.
  • The volume displayed on the console will reflect the Bluetooth audio volume when using the device control buttons.
  • The maximum output volume of some Bluetooth audio devices has been increased.

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