Nintendo Switch Online to get Game Boy Advance tickets, according to leaks

The Nintendo Switch Online service may be emulated for Game Boy Advance games in the near future, according to a recent leak.

A leak has sparked speculation that Nintendo has created an official Game Boy Advance emulator for Nintendo Switch Online. Nintendo Switch Online, or NSO, is a subscription service for the Switch console that includes features such as online multiplayer, cloud save, and a library of games for older consoles like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Recently, Nintendo released an “Expansion Pack” for NSO, which includes games from Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis.

Emulators are programs that imitate older devices on a computer or other chosen device. When installed correctly, these programs can emulate older versions of Windows, Mac, or gaming consoles such as the Nintendo 64 or PlayStation. They are typically used to run programs that wouldn’t run on modern devices, or if the user doesn’t have the console the program would run on. These emulators are commonly used for gaming, both for playing vintage video games and for preserving those titles so they won’t be lost in time. Fortunately, through the use of NSO, Nintendo has already taken steps to preserve its own library of vintage titles and bring them to the Switch.


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Files and screenshots leaked to 4chan, then shared to Twitter by user five knights, seem to suggest that Nintendo Switch Online could be getting Game Boy Advance games in the near future. Seen screenshots include titles such as Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire, Super Robot Taisen, Golden Sun, Mario Kartand Mario Brothers. The screenshots also display assets, or effects and features within the games themselves, such as color palettes, anti-aliasing, and semi-transparent lens flare. The screenshots show ellipsis, which is a feature already seen on NSO for its other consoles such as Nintendo 64 and SNES.

The “authenticity” of this leak is presented by several links from Anonfiles, which is a website where a person can download files anonymously with their IP addresses masked. These links supposedly contain a 7z archive and an officially developed GBA emulator direct from Nintendo. In several places in the first screenshot we see “GBA ‘Sloop’ emulator…(c)Nintendo”. This would indicate that Nintendo does indeed have an official GBA emulator, called “Sloop”.

It is important to remember that these are only speculations and the “facts” and “evidence” presented may not be accurate. However, since Nintendo Switch Online already has an impressive library of officially emulated games, it’s not strange to think that they could expand it even further. Whether there’s any truth to this leak remains to be seen, but it’s clear there’s still an active community of gamers who would love to see GBA titles added to NSO.

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Source: FivekNights/Twitter

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