New PS5 console and controller colors revealed by PlayStation

Sony has announced that it will be making a new PlayStation 5, the DualSense console and controller, in just over a month. Since the launch of the PS5 from 2020, Sony has been slowly releasing new DualSense controller colors and interchangeable covers for the console itself. Now, Sony is planning to sell an all-new collection later this fall that will also include a variant of the PS5’s wireless headset.

Along with a detailed image from the PlayStation Blog, Sony showed off the new “Gray Camouflage” collection, which will debut on October 10. This collection, as you know, will feature a camouflage pattern similar to the new PS5 DualSense controller, accompanying console covers, and the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. All of these pieces will be sold separately from each other with pre-orders coming next week on September 15th. As for the launch of a new dual sensor and PS5 consoles, they will arrive on October 14 of the following month. The wireless headset will come with Gray Camouflage in December, but soon.

Wonderful news that suddenly hides. The announcement of the new Gray Camouflage collection will begin on September 15. Full details:

PSA (@PlayStation) September 6, 2022.

As a result, this is definitely one of the most unique controller and console color schemes Sony has released so far. The most common among the Dual Sense and PS5 models available were standard, monochrome. Not only that, many of these previously released colors have yet to be extended to the PS5’s wireless headset. As of 2019, we’re seeing Sony now expanding into models like this, so much more distinct colors for the PS5 and dual-Sense controller might be coming around the corner.

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