New console game featuring Katana-Wielding Maiden teased by publisher D3; Reveal coming next week


Today, D3 Publisher released a trailer for a brand new console game titled “something” Maiden, which will be released in full next week.

Today D3 Publisher released a trailer for a brand new game titled “something” Maiden.

The “something” is a word made up of four characters, probably katakana or hiragana, which has not yet been revealed. Since the developer recently dropped the “Samurai Maiden” and the URL of the presentation website includes “s_maiden”, it’s pretty safe to assume that the title will indeed be that.

The trailer shows a girl with long hair wearing a school uniform and wielding a katana, while her other arm is wrapped in mystical scrolls.

More information has been promised for August 2, when the game will likely be fully revealed. At the moment we know that it is a “home video game” and as such it will be released on consoles.

You can watch the trailer below.

If you’re unfamiliar with D3 Publisher, they’re a Japanese developer known for games that can be considered a bit “out of the ordinary” in one way or another, including the Earth Defense Force series. , whose sixth main title is released in Japan this month. .

They are certainly not new to the concept of “girls with swords”, as they are also the originators of the Onechanbara series.

Of course, you can expect to read all about the new game here on emagtrends as soon as D3 Publisher reveals it.

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