Netflix acquires its first video game developer, Night School Studio


In recent months, we have learned that Netflix is ​​entering the video game market. Reports said the tentative plan was to add streaming games as an additional genre of programming to Netflix subscriptions at no additional cost. Many other details were left open, however. However, those plans have become a little clearer today: Netflix has acquired Night School Studio, the developer of Without beef and After the party, marking the first acquisition of a video game developer by the streaming giant. Additionally, Mike Verdu, vice president of game development at Netflix, revealed this important nugget: “Like our shows and movies, these games will all be included as part of your Netflix subscription, all with no ads or in-app purchases. “

Night School Studio founder and creative director Sean Krankel also announced the acquisition by Netflix on the developer’s website. Night School Studio currently has 21 employees, and Krankel has called it a “surreal honor” to join Netflix as the top video game developer and be part of such a massive entertainment platform. The team is extremely enthusiastic, but also remains focused on development Oxenfree II: Lost Signals. Here is a relevant excerpt from what else Krankel said:

From today, Night School Studio joins the Netflix team.

Over the past few months, we’ve had countless thoughtful discussions about our respective visions of where we see games, storytelling, and our collective opportunity to make a positive impact somewhere in the middle.

Night School wants to expand our narrative and design aspirations through distinctive and original games with heart. Netflix offers movies, television and now game makers an unprecedented canvas to create and deliver great entertainment to millions of people. Our explorations into narrative gameplay and Netflix’s track record of supporting various storytellers were such a natural pairing. It was as if both teams had come to this conclusion instinctively.

Netflix wouldn’t be in a rush to keep buying from video game developers, preferring to act methodically, so the Night School acquisition might be the only buy we’ve been hearing about for a while. To this day, the developer is best known for the supernatural adventure Without beef, which has won several nominations and has been praised for its unique atmosphere.


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