Minecraft Legends Revealed

At today’s Xbox Bethesda showcase, Minecraft Legends has been revealed, a new spin-off from Mojang Studios. The game is developed through a partnership with Blackbird Interactive and is billed as an action strategy game. The game will feature both single-player action and online co-op. Players will be tasked with protecting the world from an invasion of pigs. There will be a number of allies players will work with to stop the invasion, including familiar faces from Minecraft.

“In Minecraft Legends, players will discover a sweet land that is both familiar and mysterious, full of lush biomes and rich resources. But this beautiful land is on the verge of a terrible change – the pig invasion has begun and threatens to corrupt the Overworld. It’s up to the player to make unexpected friends (including classic mobs you’ll recognize from Minecraft) to form valuable alliances and pave the way for strategic battles against fierce Nether invaders,” Dennis Ries, Executive Producer of the written game.

Today’s Xbox Bethesda Reveal Trailer Minecraft Legends can be found embedded below.

Unfortunately, Xbox hasn’t revealed when to expect the title beyond a 2023 release window. However, as the company noted during today’s presentation, all games shown today will be released within the next twelve months, so they will debut during the first half of the year. Xbox also indicated that a lot more information will be revealed about the game before the end of 2022, and that it will be released on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time, so it’s no surprise how Xbox and Mojang have worked to expand the overall universe. games like Minecraft Dungeons that’s what i did, and i hope Minecraft Legends will expand the Minecraft universe in the same way. For now, readers can check out all the rest of ComicBook.com’s coverage on all things Minecraft here.

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