“Mario Party Superstars” could redeem the worst game in the series


Mario Party Superstars was discreet one of Nintendo’s best E3 2021 Direct announcements!

While the Mario party game may differ, those who grew up with Nintendo consoles probably have fond memories of playing older Mario party games with friends and family. Wacky mini-games, ridiculous random time events that could change the flow of the game, and those damn hidden blocks with stars have always created a dynamic and fun board game with friends.

Unfortunately, later entries started to lose their luster, and none made this more obvious than Mario Party: The Top 100. This 3DS game was meant to celebrate the series but instead served as a stark reminder of what it once was. Fortunately, the series has now returned with Super mario party and now Mario Party Superstars, which was unveiled at E3 2021.

Mario Party Superstars in particular is an exciting new entry for the series, as it can right the wrongs of The Top 100. the Mario party is a beloved series worth celebrating, and Mario Party Superstars must learn from the worst to become possibly the best Mario Party game in over a decade.

High level – In September 2017, Nintendo unveiled Mario Party: The Top 100, touting it as a celebration of the long-running series that paid homage to all that made it great. The Top 100 seemed like a breath of fresh air for a series that had lost some of its quality in the 2010s.

Since Mario party 9 in 2012, every new Mario Party game would be pretty experimental, trying new things (like getting all players in one vehicle) while forgetting what made the series appealing in the first place. Mario Party: The Top 100 Seemed to be able to fix this, but very disappointed when it came out two months later.

Yes, it contained 100 mini-games from the past series, but that was about it. There weren’t any classic boards to speak of, only these 100 games spread across different modes and a free roaming board based on Mario Party Star Rush.

While some multiplayer is supported, the 3DS isn’t as well designed for multiplayer as something like the Wii or Nintendo Switch, so there wasn’t much to do if you didn’t have 3 friends with 3DS systems who were also interested in playing months after the Switch launched.

Being a 3DS game also means that only some of the minigames have had a facelift, and others have forced the implementation of touchscreen controls. Overall this was just a super confusing version that felt like it was on the wrong platform and didn’t understand that minigames weren’t the only thing that made it Mario party special.

Superstars Saga – Mario Party Superstars must learn from Mario Party: The Top 100the mistakes of creating the Mario party Celebration title that fans have wanted since 2017. It needs to focus on the platters and the gaming experience as much as the minigames, and not get bogged down in the side modes.

Nintendo needs to make these mini-games more accessible than ever with good tutorials and easy-to-use controls on any Nintendo Switch controller. At the same time, it must include the best tables from the first entries in the series and not bog them down with unnecessary gimmicks like special dice, cheap stars or a friendly distribution of coins to losers.

Features like online play and autosave between rounds are also long lasting additions to the series. Fortunately, all of these things seem to be happening. Fortunately, all of this seems to come true with Mario Party Superstars.

We already know that it remastered 100 mini-games from the history of the series, although it is not known if they will all be the same as the ones featured in The Top 100. The 5 boards of the game at launch will be faithful recreations of the classic N64 Mario party boards too.

Our first look at the game on Nintendo Direct and Treehouse Live promises a faithful recreation that features the same depth as the original Mario Party game, and not just a shallow minigame collection.

After taking Mario Party in a direction fans didn’t like for years – Mario Party: The Top 100 is the best example of this – Nintendo seems to have bounced back and delivered a game that fans wanted.

Going back to what works will remind people why they fell in love with Mario party in the first place and is the best option for Nintendo after more than a decade of exploring new ideas on what a Mario Party game could be.

Mario Party Superstars will be released on October 29, 2021.


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