Mario Kart Tour keeps Mii avatars alive

The release of the Wii in 2006 ushered in another golden age for Nintendo, with the user-friendly, motion-based console making its way into the homes of millions around the world. And, as the standard console pack-in game was Sports Wiimany console owners were soon asked to create something called “Mii”, a cute, sometimes terrifying little avatar that would represent the gamer in-game. It’s been a decade and a half since then, and Nintendo seemed to be moving away of the implementation of Miis in its games – that is, until the recent Mario Kart Tour announcement that revealed Miis are coming to the game.


This new Mario Kart Tour The update brings Miis to the game, along with a range of costumes that give each racer a different ability. Prior to this announcement, fans were pretty sure that Nintendo had started ditching its iconic avatars, but it looks like the era of Miis isn’t over yet.

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Nintendo hasn’t forgotten the Miis yet

Wii Sports Resort player battling multiple Miis in Swordplay's Showdown mode

It’s been quite a while since Miis have been properly included in a Nintendo game. While players can import their Miis into Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Golf: Super Rushand Mario Kart 8 Deluxeamong other titles, Miis are not the core of the game and are often ignored by many players.

The last game released by Nintendo in which Miis were the main focus was mitopia, released in May 2021 for the Nintendo Switch. However, that game was a port of the Nintendo 3DS, not a new title in its own right, suggesting to many that Miis were cemented as a thing of the past.

With the recent announcement of Nintendo Switch Sports during Nintendo’s February Direct, that notion was only cemented further for some fans. The trailer showcased the game’s main modes, also showing off a cute new type of Nintendo avatar called “Sportsmate”. While these avatars share some basic similarities with Miis, the different art style really sets them apart, confirming to many that Nintendo was starting to leave Miis behind.

But, with the announcement that the Miis are heading to Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo may not be ready to abandon its infamous series of do-it-yourself characters just yet. This update may not suggest that the Miis are making a full return, but it could imply that Nintendo is ready to keep the little guys around for a bit longer.

Mario Kart Tour Mii Update Content

Mario Kart Tour Mii

Although it didn’t receive very high reviews when it was initially released, Mario Kart Tour quickly became one of Nintendo’s most successful mobile games, reaching 200 million downloads by April 2021, earning the company $200 million in revenue and being beaten only by Fire Emblem Heroes. For those who don’t own a Switch, Mario Kart Tour is a decent way to get a Mario Kart fix on the road, even despite its shallow mechanics.

Over the years, Mario Kart Tour received a plethora of updates, adding a slew of new tracks, carts, and racers. This latest update will see 10 new racers join the game, each appearing as a Mii in a different themed costume. The first wave, which arrives March 8, adds costumes for Mario, Peach, Luigi, Rosalina, and a few other Nintendo stalwarts, as well as the Bronze, Silver, and Gold race suit costumes.

Each of the costumes in the update also gives the runner a themed item, such as Donkey Kong’s outfit giving the player a giant banana, and Toad giving the player a Triple Mushroom item. More costumes are heading to the game on March 22, giving Mii fans at least one more thing to look forward to.

Mario Kart Tour is available on mobile.

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