The release of the first “Made with FUZE” game, SUPER FUNKY BOWLING for Nintendo Switch™ opens doors for budding game developers, bedroom coders and homebrew heroes everywhere. FUZE Technologies removes barriers to entry, making the game development and publishing process more accessible than ever!

FUZE Technologies are the creators of FUZE4 Nintendo Switch, an app designed to make learning real coding as accessible and beginner-friendly as possible. With its comprehensive suite of features and tutorial content, users can learn the basics of coding in a forgiving environment, removing the barrier to entry often found on professional platforms.

Made with FUZE

Made with FUZE is a channel for FUZE4 Nintendo Switch users to get their games from the Nintendo eShop, allowing them to start earning money for their games and leaving the complexities of publishing to FUZE.

First exit

The first version of ‘Made with FUZE’ is unbelievably awesome’SUPER FUNKY BOWLING‘ by FUZE (aka Scrubz) community member Nathaniel Strub. The game was created for high-level competition judged by video game veterans (including Jeff Minter, Eugene Jarvis and the Oliver Twins) and beautifully illustrates what is possible in FUZE!

David SilveraFUZE product manager, feedback “It’s about lowering the barrier to entry for new developers, celebrating hidden talent, and opening doors for people with less access to the support they need to get started.”

Over the past few years, FUZE has seen the creation of a thriving community of coders at every stage of their journey – enthusiastic newbies and seasoned programmers sharing knowledge, uplifting others, and collaborating on awesome creative projects. Their work is celebrated by both FUZE and the community, fostering an environment of support and empowerment.

“Game development has always been a fun hobby for me. I have never created a game hoping to make a profit from it. Of course, I have dreamed of publishing and selling my games in a special place, but the process seemed too complicated to be worth it. Then the FUZE team came along, took a game I had made with FUZE and did the hard work of putting it on the eShop for me! is great !” – Scrubz, Super Funky Bowling Developer.

Super awesome bowling is available exclusively on Nintendo eShop from October 14, 2022 for just 2.99 ($£€)

FUZE Technologies Ltd, Oxfordshire, England is dedicated to making learning to code as easy and accessible as possible. and pleasant as possible. In addition to local coding and gaming activities, FUZE offers award-winning, school-mapped IT workshops and STE(A)M events nationwide.

FUZE developed FUZE4 Nintendo Switchan app designed to bring accessible coding, and even game publishing, to the world’s best-selling gaming platform and will soon announce releases for additional platforms.

Supporting its activities, FUZE offers free downloadable educational content, a large number of YouTube coding tutorials and operates the FUZE Arena, a community platform for coding advice, creative inspiration and events such as Game Jams and the competitions.

To learn more about FUZE Technologies Ltd:

FUZE-Arena, Youtube, Twitter& ICT Tac/ @fuzearena

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