Logitech Leak Reportedly Reveals Switch Competitor

While the leaks have been deleted from the original Blass Tweet, the internet is very good at resurrecting things, and others have recorded Blass’ Tweets on Imgur. One image offers a detailed look at the console’s button layout, and it looks – for the most part – quite similar to Nintendo’s Switch. The D-pad, thumbsticks, share button, home button, and ABXY buttons are all positioned almost identically except for the order in which ABXY is set. In addition, two buttons are placed precisely where the “+” and “-” of the switch would be.

A photo from behind shows that the four shoulder buttons, and even what looks like the volume control, are practically a mirror image of the Switch. The D-pad is arguably the most notable difference between this console and the Switch. On Logitech’s device, it looks like a traditional single-device cross rather than the Switch’s four separate buttons.

The image showing a possible preview of the system’s user interface even shows similarities to Switch. Of course, some notable differences include images suggesting Google Play, Chrome, Steam, NVIDIA, and Xbox apps will all work on the device. This lines up with the original announcement from Logitech G and Tencent, explaining that Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce NOW teams were also working on the project. Time will tell if this is the final look of the device, but if so, it should look familiar to anyone with a Switch.

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