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Explained: What’s new in the PS5 beta?

The PS5 beta released on February 9 tests a bunch of new features, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog.

It introduces new party chat options that allow users to create an open chat, which allows your friends to join a party without an invitation, or a closed chat, which only lets invited players in.

PlayStation has made changes to the Game Base map, creating three separate sections where users can view Friends, Parties, and Messages.

And players can now start Share Play from the voice chat map.

New UI features let you filter by genre and choose which games to keep on your homepage.

The beta also allows up to 14 games and apps to be displayed on the homepage.

For US and UK users, the beta is testing a voice control feature that lets you open games and apps, and control video and audio playback with just your voice.

The feature can be activated in the settings and uses the “Hey, Playstation” command.

The beta also includes updates to accessibility settings, including more screen reader languages ​​(added Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Brazilian, Portuguese, Polish, and Korean) , mono audio for headphones, and the ability to show checkmarks on enabled settings to make it easier. to see which settings are enabled or disabled.

The beta is just that – a beta – so Sony warns that every feature may not work perfectly, and not everything may be included in a final version of the software when it’s released to the public.

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