KOTOR 2 released on Nintendo Switch in a state that makes it unfinishable

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Video games have always had bugs when released, although there has been a trend coinciding with the rise in digital game sales in which games seem to be released too often in broken states and then “fixed”. ” in a day – a patch or something similar. Some of these bugs are more minor, while others relate to game versions that have been very clearly pushed too soon.

And then there’s the Nintendo Switch port of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2which came out a few weeks ago and, well…

Uh, oops. Aspyr, the developer/carrier behind the recent release of Knights Of The Old Republic II on Nintendo Switch, tweeted that he is aware that the game is currently impossible to complete. After some push from a customer, the studio admitted that they were aware that the game was currently buggy such that it could not be completed on Nintendo’s handheld.

Aspyr’s Twitter account responded with a “Yeah we know we’ll get you a patch, thanks for all your patience.” Now, a couple of things about that. First, releasing a game that simply can’t be completed on one platform probably deserves a stronger mea culpa than Aspyr offered. Buying a game and not being able to complete it is probably worse than paying money for no product. The point of video games, in large part, is to play and complete them. Imagine an output of Mike Tyson punch which just stopped every time you managed to fight Mike Tyson. It’s kind of like lying on the couch while someone is sitting at the piano playing every note on a major scale. except the last. It would drive you absolutely crazy.

And I admit to being a bit surprised that this is happening on a Nintendo console. Nintendo is not the developer here. He’s not the one who worked on the game. Still, I’ve long criticized Nintendo’s practice of absurdly strict scrutiny over its consoles, IPs, and platforms. One of the common responses to this criticism is that such tight control gives Nintendo the ability to perform excellent quality control on everything related to its systems. Whatever process was used for QC testing in this case seems to have completely failed.

This raises some pretty big questions about the game’s QA, that it could be certified and released in an impossible-to-complete form. There’s also the question of how long Aspyr has known that its product has a game-breaking bug that affects all gamers, but hasn’t communicated it to potential and current customers. We contacted Aspyr to ask these questions.

You have to think that refund requests are coming in droves right now. And that’s one of the things you can probably only do once, at most. Imagine Aspyr or Nintendo announcing that the bug has been fixed and then asking the public to buy the game one more time.

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