Give Elden Ring a boost! 3 Simple Tips to Increase Frame Rates, and More

With this article, you might as well start an advice column entitled How to make Elden Ring work like a modern PC game, instead of a console exclusive from 2014. This time around, we’re focusing on two aspects that many gamers consider paramount to the PC gaming experience: running the game at an ultrawide 21:9 or 32:9 aspect ratio on a monitor modern gaming and unclog frame rate for all players who want to play at refresh rates above 60Hz.

If you haven’t seen a frame rate improvement by unlocking your shader cache (a tip from our last article on Elden Ring’s shaky initial performance on PC), or if you want to see more of the game than what is available in 16:9, read on and learn how to Flawless widescreen The game modification utility can expand your horizons beyond the limits imposed by FromSoftware, the developer of Elden Ring, on the game.

Owner of an ultrawide monitor? The flawless widescreen is your friend

Whether you’ve been using an ultra-wide monitor (like me) for a while or are just getting started with one, the Flawless Widescreen app should be on your PC’s desktop whether you have a 21:9 or 32:9 panel. It can also come in handy here even if you’re “stuck” with a 16:9 gaming panel, as long as that display has a refresh rate above 60Hz.

No matter how wide your ultra-wide desktop is, this app forces most popular console ports and older titles to automatically adjust the in-game aspect ratio to a 21:9 or 32:9 layout. It does this either by stretching a 16:9 source image, or by unlocking the capability that was seemingly latent in the engine, waiting to be discovered.

The latter case is what we saw in Elden Ring. Disconcertingly, the developers at FromSoftware locked the game to a 16:9 aspect ratio, despite the fact that gamers with ultra-wide monitors (increasingly common these days) would already, temptingly see , their Elden Ring loading screens rendered in a full 21:9 aspect ratio. So the game gives you hints and map previews on a gorgeous widescreen, but then reduced that aspect ratio once it comes time to play the game. What a tease!

Many PC gamers, like myself, were also frustrated to find that Elden Ring was confined to a cap of 60 frames per second (fps). A frame rate of 60fps might be satisfying for the gaming console crowd; consoles have only recently begun to support gaming at 100fps and above. But PC gamers who may be used to games like Valorant that can reliably hit 300fps and above aren’t so easily impressed at 60Hz. Come in, flawless widescreen.

One caveat: do I need to exceed the Elden Ring FPS cap?

Once you have downloaded Flawless Widescreen and installed it on your Windows PC, the next step is to properly configure Elden Ring to work with the software.

First, however, a reflection on how you want to play Elden Ring. At this time, any Elden Ring Engine mod can be considered a “hack” by FromSoftware’s Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC). If Flawless Widescreen is detected, your account may be flagged as a cheat, in which case your username will be banned from playing online. The game would still work fine in single player mode, but you’ll need to send a call to FromSoftware to re-enable online access.

If online gaming is important to you, FromSoftware wants everyone to stick to the same 60fps cap, and it sees an increase in that frame rate as a competitive advantage.

Flawless Widescreen Setup

If you’re like me, though, and don’t care about PvP or cooperative online play, then this patch is for you. While I regularly battled bosses and enemies with the screen at 16:9 and the 60fps limit enforced, my success rates skyrocketed once I went to 21:9 and I ‘ve removed the frame rate cap. I was able to average 120fps to 160fps, depending on the area of ​​the game. Enemy attacks were much easier to read when telegraphed, and my dodging accuracy also increased.

Elden Ring screenshot 2

It depends on basic calculations of monitor refresh rates. The sooner you can see a pixel updating on your screen, the sooner you can react to what’s happening. That’s why high-refresh monitors exist in the first place, and while we’re starting to see diminishing returns as we increase the refresh rate, there’s no denying that a 60Hz drive and a at 165Hz are going to have two very different experiences in a title as dependent on the timing of the action as Elden Ring.

How to Setup a Flawless Widescreen for Elden Ring

With those warnings out of the way, it’s time to start setting up your game to work with Flawless Widescreen. After running the Flawless Widescreen installer, start by opening the program and scrolling down the left menu until you find Ring of Elden listing. Click on it…

Elden Ring Flawless Widescreen

From here you will be presented with the following menu of options…

Flawless widescreen options menu

First, check the box for Correction enabled

Flawless widescreen correction enabled

From there, the configuration options you choose will depend entirely on your personal monitor and your preferences. For example, I chose the Aspect correction option, which will automatically apply a 21:9 or 32:9 padding to your game to get rid of the black bars on either side…

Fixed Faultless Widescreen Elden Ring options

This is tip number 1, and will only apply to you, of course, if you have a large screen that can take advantage of it.

How to remove the frame rate cap in Elden Ring

Next, tip #2. I also applied the Remove 60 Hz FS limit option, and since I’m playing on a 200Hz monitor, I set the Frame Duration Adjustment cursor to 200fps

Flawless Elden Ring Frame Duration Adjustment

These settings take into account the frame rate adjustment in FromSoftware’s engine, ensuring that all elements of the experience are “in sync” with each other, in a nutshell. This slider should always match the maximum refresh rate of your monitor, if you have chosen to increase the frame rate beyond 60Hz.

These are my personal tweaks, but Flawless Widescreen also offers the ability to change your in-game field of view, or FOV. This is tip #3. Widening the FOV could give you an edge against hard-to-follow bosses that would otherwise disappear off-screen.

Recommended by our editors

Similarly, you can also play around with the in-game vignette filter slider here. This slider adjusts the visibility of the game’s filmic post-processing elements on screen. This is less of a tweak for pure performance or competitive advantage and more of a feast for the eyes.

Impeccable Widescreen Thumbnail Adjustment

Then, and this is critical: Before launching, create an empty text file using Notepad. Enter the numbers 1245620and save the file as steam_appid.txt wherever your Elden Ring EXE file was installed by Steam. This will prevent EAC (the anti-cheat feature) from starting in front of Elden Ring EXE and protect your account.

Elden Ring Patch Notebook Ultra Large

Finally, configure your Steam app to Offline mode using the menu in the upper left corner and launch the game from your library as usual.

Steam offline mode

If you ever want to go back to multiplayer, just quit the game, go to Flawless Widescreen, and click the Correction enabled box. All adjustments will be cancelled. Quit Flawless Widescreen, log back into Steam and fight your friends/enemies at will.

Seize Elden Ring, in all its glory

For anyone still worried about their online gambling prospects in the future, there is still hope. Apparently, FromSoftware has been friendly with the modding community on older Souls games, so there’s no reason to suspect that using Flawless Widescreen will remain on the list of banishable offenses for long.

Also, according to the developers of Flawless Widescreen, very little of his mod actually needed to mess with the game files. ultrawide ratio support up to 32:9 and FOV slider) were all natively built into the PC version of the game, but were for some reason intentionally restricted on release. All the mod developers had to do was unlock what was already there.

Elden Ring Ultra Wide 1

It’s a guess on my part at the moment, but I have to assume it’s due to the PvP elements. From the beginning, Souls games have been all about precise, precise timing, whether you’re taking on the Nameless King or just another real Nameless player in a duel. By giving PC gamers the advantage of faster frame rates and increased FOVs just because they have better hardware – having a 60Hz monitor versus a 390Hz monitor, for example – the balance shifts too far in their favor.

Restricting this is understandable. But with this mod we get the perfect middle ground: keep the aspect ratios and frame rate options uncapped in single player play, and recap them when entering a PvP match to even out the playground.

Elden Ring HDR 21:9

Until something in this vein is officially added to the game by FromSoftware, the mod community will never stop serving the needs of the public. Flawless Widescreen is the perfect option for anyone who wants to enjoy the full and beautiful experience that Elden Ring has to offer solo players, and it’s just as easy to turn it off if you ever feel the need to switch back to PvP. . Forward, las Terni, towards wider horizons!

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