Games that would benefit from the breath of the wild formula

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a major upheaval for the Zelda franchise. It introduced new mechanics and placed the adventure in an expansive Hyrule with hundreds of hidden secrets and challenges. The commercial and critical success of the title has spawned several breath of the wildand SEGA is following in Link’s footsteps with its own adventure: sound borders.

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The formula for breath of the wild can be applied to other game franchises. Some of them already have the seeds of this experience, and others that may not seem so at first sight but, upon closer inspection, are more like breath of the wild than one might think. Nintendo properties and third parties may take inspiration from Link’s latest adventure.


6 Metroid could provide a fight for survival

The metroid franchise has already taken a big risk with Metroid Prime in the franchise’s transition to a 3D first-person perspective. Metroid has mixed things up again with Team Ninja Metroid: Other M, with a fuller narrative and giving voice to Samus. The critical reception of this one was controversial, to say the least. So another departure for the Metroid franchise, having finally regained its footing with a Metroid 2 remake on 3DS and Metroid Dread on Switch, would be risky.

However, when comparing Jthe legend of zelda franchised to metroid, they have a lot in common. Both emphasize exploration, unlocking new tools and abilities that can be used later in different areas of the game world. breath of the wild-esque, Samus Aran could be stuck in an alien world, having to navigate local civilizations and wildlife, while building a new costume and tools completely from scratch. This would fit well with the franchise’s formula of removing core abilities from the player and having to work throughout the game to get them back.

5 It’s time to revisit the dinosaur planet

When Rare released the Star Fox Adventures game for the GameCube, fans were hoping for a bit more of the classic Arwing action from star fox on the SNES and Star Fox 64 for the Nintendo 64. While the Arwing missions were part of the game, most of the gameplay was more of a Zelda-like an adventure game on a planet populated by sentient dinosaurs.

Although Rare is no longer working with Nintendo, it might not be a bad idea for Nintendo to revamp the concept of Star Fox Adventures, just flesh it out more. Nintendo could dramatically expand the world of Dinosaur Planet, expand the culture of the planet’s inhabitants, give Fox Dino mounts, as well as allow Fox to fly on his trusty Arwing.

4 Enslaved: Odyssey To The West deserves a second chance

While Ninja Theory’s post-apocalyptic adventures reimagining “Journey to the West” didn’t see the success of the Horizon franchise, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is essentially a Horizon prototype. Trip, the brutal ape and tech-savvy eco-enthusiast, wanders across the United States where nature reclaims the remnants of human cities and animal machinations roam the landscape.

With the incredible success of Horizonit may be worth revisiting the world of Slave, but give it a Breath of the Wild facelift. It would be great to explore more of the eco-punk USA and unravel more of the mysteries of the pre-fall era. More emphasis could be placed on crafting and survival mechanics. Expanding the world would also give Monkey more opportunities to ride his hoverboard.

3 ​Okami has a beautiful world to explore

Okami is one of those games whose praises never cease to be sung but which have not had an equivalent commercial success. The game places players in the paws of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess reincarnated as a white wolf. Armed with the Celestial Mirror and the Celestial Brush, Amaterasu must travel through Celtic Japan, slaying demons and restoring the beauty of the land.

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Given that Okami is similar in gameplay and themes to breath of the wild, Okami is due for a renewal that builds on its foundations. A BOTW-style incarnation would provide the opportunity to travel all over Nippon, as well as interact with cuter animals. Perhaps Amaterasu would also be able to make some of Kamiki Village’s famous sake.

2 Prince Of Persia Could Be A Giant Playground

from UbiSoft Prince of Persia the games are known for their beautiful architecture and high-flying acrobatics. The franchise has taken the prince on many adventures, including an emo phase, as well as a Wii spin-off that’s criminally underrated.

If UbiSoft were to give the Prince a much-needed revitalization, then breath of the wild would be a great source of inspiration. All of Persia could become a great playground for the Prince. Traversal challenges could be found in cities or embedded in natural landscapes. Secret rewards could be hidden in every conceivable nook and cranny.

1 Tomb Raider would be an archaeologist’s dream

Lara Croft is the world famous British archaeologist grave robber who even gives his money’s worth to Indiana Jones. It’s had a slew of mainline PC and PlayStation games, a few lesser titles, two series reboots, and a few spin-off games.

The franchise’s most recent reboot dabbled in the open-world concept, but a new title would be an opportunity for the franchise to fully embrace it. Lara Croft could use her various skills, from climbing to diving, to explore a game world with several archaeological sites scattered around. The shrines of breath of the wild form a basis for the hidden graves to be scattered throughout the country, encouraging further investigation. To fuel up for the adventure, Lara could use local ingredients to cook international cuisine.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available on Switch and Wii U.

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