Game Pass could add a PlayStation Console exclusive

When it comes to Game pass, there are two different versions of the service that players can subscribe to. There’s Xbox Game Pass, which lets gamers check out a massive library of games on their Xbox console. And then there’s PC Game Pass, which is the same idea as Xbox Game Pass, but for PC. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings together both versions of Game Pass, and it’s really the best way for subscribers to get their money’s worth.

The vast majority of games added to Xbox Game Pass also carry over to PC Game Pass, but there are certainly exceptions. In some cases, certain games are only available on the standard Xbox Game Pass, and other times, certain games are only available to those who are PC Game Pass subscribers. A new rumor suggests PC Game Pass may be getting another exclusive, potentially in the form of a PlayStation console-exclusive game.


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Hideo Kojima Death Stranding was originally released in 2019 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. About a year later, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut launched as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, introducing new gameplay features and mechanics, as well as a general game upgrade. Then in March 2022, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut has made its way to PC, and it looks like the version of the game could very well be coming to PC Game Pass in the near future.

This was apparently teased by the PC Game Pass Twitter account, which changed its profile picture to a misty landscape. PC Game Pass drew attention to its new profile picture by tweeting “sometimes we just like a good landscape image,” and many assumed the account was teasing a new addition to the Game Pass library. The consensus seems to be that the image is a screenshot of Death Strandingalthough there are those who think it’s actually next games released on Xbox like Infernal Blade 2 Where star field.

Death Stranding was originally released by PlayStation, so some fans may immediately dismiss the rumor as an impossibility. However, it’s worth pointing out that 505 Games released the PC version of Death Stranding, and so it stands to reason that this could be the flaw that brings the game to PC Game Pass. Not only that, but it wouldn’t be the first time that PlayStation allowed a game it owned to access Game Pass, as that’s what happened with the most recent entries in its MLB The Show series of baseball games.

If PC Game Pass is indeed teasing the addition of Death Stranding, fans shouldn’t expect it to arrive this month. Microsoft has already announced all the new games coming to Xbox Game Pass for August 2022, and Death Stranding was not on the list. However, if the rumors are true, it’s entirely possible that the game will be part of the September lineup. In the end, it’s best for Kojima fans to keep their expectations in check.

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