Furi and Haven saw their biggest console sales on Switch

The Game Bakers are the developers behind Furi and Haven, two titles that have received a lot of praise from press and gamers. As for the actual units sold, that’s a bit of a different story. In a new room VICEwe see the struggles of The Game Bakers in markets where PS+ and Game Pass reign supreme.

The Game Bakers shared statistics on the sales of their games, and they specifically showed the impact that Game Pass and PS+ offers have on their reach, as well as the units sold. Starting with Haven, the chart above shows what sales look like with Game Pass factored in and then Game Pass removed. The difference between the two is astronomical, both in terms of sales and reach.

When you factor in Game Pass, the vast majority of gamers have checked out Haven on the Xbox ecosystem. The thing is, The Game Bakers doesn’t make money from every download through Game Pass. The majority of Game Pass deals (but not all) involve Microsoft giving a developer a set amount of cash to bring a game to Game Pass. There may be certain thresholds that a game can exceed in order to receive more money, but overall developers receive a lump sum.

This is why showing up on Game Pass is so difficult for some developers. They feel they have to be on Game Pass to show up in front of gamers’ eyes, and it does indeed reach a ton of people, but those customers aren’t spending a dime on these games. It’s hard to factor in Game Pass downloads when quantifying sales, because those consumers didn’t actually make a purchase.

The same situation happened at The Game Bakers with Furi. All you have to do is swap Game Pass for Playstation Plus and you get extremely similar results. Once again PS+ service users were playing Furi at no additional cost. Yes, the game reached a much wider audience via PS+, but the money was already paid and it was a deal made with Sony and The Game Bakers.

When you look at these charts, one thing is abundantly clear. For Furi and Haven, the Switch was the single console that generated the most sales. PC was definitely the biggest platform overall for both games, but if you look strictly at actual units sold on consoles, Switch is the hands-down winner.

What makes this even more impressive is the fact that Furi and Haven came to Switch much later than the release of the other versions. Even more interestingly, Furi came to Switch a bit early in the platform’s life, and Haven came much more recently. Either way, Switch is the console leader, showing that Switch owners have had a passion for indies from day one, and that interest has continued until today.

On the contrary, this breakdown from The Game Bakers shows how the Game Pass/PS+ services are fantastic deals for gamers, but they raise serious concerns among developers. These worries grow exponentially with the size of the developer, and it looks like this problem will only get bigger from now on. At least we can see that Switch owners are ready to switch, but if Nintendo created its own Game Pass/PS+ style service, I imagine we’d see a situation very similar to those above.

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