Exploring Lesser-Known Pokemon Mobile Games

Although fans may know the main line Pokemon games and many of its spinoffs, there have been a ton of releases that some gamers might not know about. One such headline recently made headlines when it was confirmed that online services for Pokemon Shuffle on the 3DS would be interrupted. As a standard entry into the match-3 puzzle genre, Pokemon Shuffle did well with over two million downloads recorded within a month of release in 2015, marking the start of Pokemon venture further into the free-to-play market.


However, fans might just learn that Pokemon Shuffle was released on mobile as well as 3DS. While the 3DS version will be removed from Nintendo’s 3DS eShop with services such as microtransactions no longer being supported, it has not yet been confirmed if this will affect the mobile counterpart. Pokemon Shuffle isn’t the only lesser-known mobile game in the franchise, as the series has had a close relationship with mobile games since 2006. Although some titles are no longer available, fans might be interested in learning more about some of between them. Pokemonit is previous mobile companies.

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Pokemon Shuffle

Released in 2015, Pokemon Shuffle came during the sixth generation of the series. It works on a basic match-3 premise that sees players advancing from stage to stage, battling other Pokémon and capturing them if possible for use in later stages. Between mobile games like Pokemon GO and Candy Crush, To mix together differentiates itself in the match-3 genre by having opposing Pokémon “disrupting” gameplay as players’ Pokémon have various abilities and Mega Evolutions as well. Although the game updated the content after the release of Pokemon Sun and Moonit did not follow the eighth generation of the series.

Pokemon Rumble Rush

As a member of pokemon rumble derived line, Pokemon Rumble Rush came out in 2019 and indicated a move away from Nintendo’s consoles. Previous titles, such as Pokemon Rumble Blast Where RumbleWorld, was similar to Pokemon Shuffle and made available on the 3DS, but Rumble Rush was the first exclusively available as a mobile title. While previous entries were real-time beat ’em ups, Rumble Rush seemed to scale down the gameplay to fit its mobile format with touch controls. However, Rumble Rush officially closed in 2020.

Pokemon: Jump Magikarp

Centered around the titular Pokemon, Magikarp Jump sees players raising Magikarp to compete in “battles” where the highest jumping Magikarp wins. The game requires few inputs beyond sending Magikarp to train, eat food, and ultimately compete in leagues. It’s something that reviewers cited, as the silliness of the premise had charm but its progressive style of gameplay was uninteresting. However, Pokemon: Jump Magikarp is still available to fans as of this writing, which suggests the game might have some sort of popularity.

Pokemon Quest

Perhaps the most popular Pokemon mobile game that did not achieve mainstream notoriety as Pokemon Unite Where Pokemon GO, Pokemon Quest was a voxel-style game released on Switch and soon after on mobile in 2018. The game tasks players with maintaining and expanding a base camp, conducting expeditions, and tending to its “Pokexels”. Less than a week after its release, Pokemon Quest has done well with over seven million showing downloads. However, he was criticized by fans after The Pokemon Company shut down. pixelmonpopular Minecraft mod that shared his voxel design aesthetic.

Pokemon Duel

Originally released for Japanese audiences in 2016, Pokemon Duel was released worldwide the following year. It’s a strategy board game where players compete using six Pokémon figures with unique moves and abilities. The object of the game is to move from the player’s bench to the opposite side of the board, using these moves or additional “plates” that can be attached to provide boosts or additional maneuverability. Although the game had a storyline, it was never completed as the game’s service was discontinued in 2019.

camp pokemon

camp pokemon was further developed for a younger audience. The game taught its users the basics of Pokemon, including mini-games where they learned things like how to catch Pokemon, how to evolve them, and the different strikes. Originally released for iOS in 2014, the game was extended to Android in 2016 and got another update after the release of Gen 7. However, the game was finally discontinued in 2017, maybe because of its limited appeal since most Pokemon games will offer tutorials or help new players regardless.

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Pokemon house

Another one Pokemon mobile game for young audiences, Pokemon house is still available for download. Pokemon house was aimed at preschoolers, and this is reflected in its art style and gameplay. Players are encouraged to befriend Pokemon through activities such as grooming, completing mini-games or puzzles, and reading fully voiced stories. Although still available, the game did not receive a content update from Gen 7 beyond bug fixes until 2020.


This particular Pokemon is much less well known due to its exclusivity in Japan, as it never saw a worldwide release despite being shown at E3 in 2006. The game serves as an online messaging service for Pokemon fans, but pokemate is also a virtual pet simulation game where players can take care of their Pokemon. New Pokémon have been made available to catch and collect with additional bonuses through a monthly subscription. Although it was discontinued in 2008, it has the distinction of being the first official Pokemon never released mobile game.

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