Every Kirby Game of the 2010s, Ranked by Metacritic

Nintendo consoles don’t always offer the same processing power as Sony or Microsoft consoles, but the developer continues to excel when it comes to established proprietary properties, like Kirby. The Kirby The series never went away, but it had its ups and downs and had to morph in many ways to stay relevant among Nintendo’s other franchises.

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The platform foundation that Kirby was built is still important to the series, but the 2010s were one of the most abundant and creative times for the Kirby franchise, which dominates both Nintendo’s handheld and home consoles in contrasting abilities. A lot of Kirby lore from the 2010s is now an integral part of the franchise.

ten Kirby Battle Royale celebrates cooperative multiplayer combat (Score: 57)

The Nintendo 3DS eShop has become a home for Kirby franchise, and many standalone spin-offs from previous Kirby the minigames received digital versions. These little titles helped commemorate franchise anniversaries, but they also accompanied some real Kirby games like Kirby Battle Royale.

Kirby Battle Royale embraces action-centric multiplayer gameplay that has become a franchise staple. The combative title is fun, but feels like the most sparse of Kirby’s action adventures. It’s a version that waits for time instead of pushing the series forward.

9 Kirby Fighters Deluxe is a cute combative change of pace (Score: 66)

Kirby: Deluxe Triple was one of the most famous Nintendo 3DS releases. The core platformer doesn’t disappoint, but it also includes rewarding mini-games that have gained enough followers to make their own versions of them.

The Kirby Fighters minigame evolved into Kirby Fighters Deluxean eShop version that puts Kirbythe eclectic cast of characters and abilities in a tournament arena. A complete suite for the Nintendo Switch, Kirby Fighters 2released in 2020 to essentially the same reception as its predecessor.

8 Kirby Star Allies showcases the strength of Kirby’s secondary characters (Score: 73)

Kirby Star Allies is a Nintendo Switch release that returns to the series’ platform roots, but with a focus on cooperative play that celebrates the franchise’s long history. The main attraction of Kirby Star Allies is that Kirby has an abundance of companions he can rely on for support.

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The helpers that are at Kirby’s disposal span a wide range of friends and foes from previous Kirby Games. It’s a satisfying way to mix things up as well as testing the waters for which older people Kirby the characters deserve a Meta-Knight level overhaul.

seven Kirby And The Rainbow Curse Makes The Most Of Wii U Tech (Score: 73)

Nintendo’s latest game console, the Switch, became one of the company’s biggest hits, but the Wii U was a far more polarizing project. Many Nintendo Wii U exclusive titles have since been ported to Switch or 3DS. The Wii U’s gamepad led to inventive gameplay that in some ways was reminiscent of the Nintendo DS and its touchscreen controls.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse take this opportunity to update the DS’s stylus-based gameplay Kirby: Curse of the Web. The unique control scheme combined with the clay-like visual aesthetic makes it one of the most enjoyable Kirby games of the decade.

6 Kirby’s Return To Dream Land Makes Four-Player Platforming Perfection (Score: 77)

The 2000s and the first part of the 2010s gave life to the Kirby franchise through creative reimaginings, which have left audiences grateful for a return to the series’ basics. The well titled Kirby’s Return to Dreamland was the character’s major platforming return to the Wii.

The console’s simplistic Wiimote is also ideal for simple controls in the series. Kirby’s Return to Dreamland offers a shared experience, with the ability for four players to drop in at once and engage in unprecedented levels of Kirby chaos.

5 Kirby: Triple Deluxe pushes the platforming series into new dimensions (Score: 80)

The Kirby series flourished on Nintendo’s various handhelds, and Kirby: Deluxe Triple is the first opportunity to take advantage of the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS. Kirby: Deluxe Triple helps evolve the series’ standard platforming into 3D as Kirby explores the foreground and background of levels.

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Deluxe triple room helped to bring correctly Kirby into the next generation of games and become a 3DS staple. Several of the genre mini-games in Deluxe triple room have also been extended to their own versions.

4 Kirby: Planet Robobot is a bigger 3DS adventure than anything that came before it (Score: 81)

Kirby: Deluxe Triple opened the doors to new possibilities on the Nintendo 3DS, and the game’s sequel, Kirby: Planet Robobot is well cut from the same cloth. Planet Robobot leans towards the same gameplay and ideas as its predecessor, but it adds giant mechanical upgrades that allow for dramatically bigger shows.

This is proof of how much the Kirby series can change while staying true to its roots. The complete mini-games that are included, Kirby 3D Rumble and Team Kirby Clashdon’t disappoint either.

3 Kirby’s Dream Collection Celebrates the Series’ Greatest Games (Score: 82)

The Kirby The franchise has dozens of games that have been released over its prolific run, and Nintendo wanted to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary with a compilation release for the Wii. Kirby’s Dream Collection collects the six largest releases from the beginning of the series, starting with Kirby’s Dreamland and ending with Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Some of the best Kirby games are included in this collection, which also includes additional challenges and even three full episodes of the Kirby animated series. It remains an impressive time capsule of Nintendo’s platform series.

2 Kirby Mass Attack brings real-time strategy mechanics to the Kirby formula (Score: 83)

Kirby games took full advantage of Nintendo DS hardware, and the final Kirby exiting game for handheld, Kirby Mass Attackk, is one of the most impressive. Kirby Mass Attack brought LemmingsReal-time strategy elements in the series, as the platforming and puzzles require hordes of Kirby to advance.

Kirby games may be easier on difficulty, but changes in Kirby Mass Attack should appease the hardcore crowd more. It’s a concept that probably would have seen more love on the Nintendo DS had it come out earlier in the console’s life.

1 Kirby’s Epic Thread is a visual masterpiece that looks like living art (score: 86)

Nintendo franchises often have a reputation for being kid-friendly and full of cute aesthetics. They went above and beyond in this regard with some creative aesthetic makeovers like Yoshi’s woolly world, Yoshi’s craft world, and Kirby’s epic thread. Kirby turns out to be the perfect property for a clever transformation.

It’s visually pleasing, but the wire concept also opens up the gameplay in inventive ways. The Wii game received an improved port for the 3DS, Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, but the original has the best reception, and the portable version loses some of the charm of the translation.

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