Don’t worry, Street Fighter 6’s new modern controls probably won’t break the game with everything they remove from characters

And no, you won’t be able to move forward and launch Sonic Booms

Traditional fighting game entries and their perceived complexity have remained a hot topic among FGC, developers and those outside the genre preventing people from getting in on the action, and Capcom will try to simplify attacks.

Fans feared that Street Fighter 6’s new modern type of control would replace or invalidate the way the series played for decades, but now that players have gotten their hands on the title, it apparently won’t be a problem anymore. problem. at all.

Some of the big concerns after the original reveal were that having one-button specials like Shoryuken might be too powerful, especially if it’s possible to do instant charge moves like Sonic Booms.

What we’ve essentially discovered, however, is that these simpler options will serve as training wheels for those just getting into the game and not much more.

Sure, accessing a Dragon Punch just by pressing forward + triangle is great, but you’re also giving up almost half of your total tools to get it.

As previously revealed on the SF6 website, Modern Controls consolidates a character’s base 6 normals to just 3 between Light, Medium, and Heavy Attacks, so half of your punches and/or or kicks went there.

It goes deeper than that, although this option currently only maps 4 special moves to the layout. If your character has more than that, it will also miss some.

People at the playtesting event like Sajam have confirmed that Ryu is apparently unable to perform his Hashogeki and Denjin Charge specials using modern controls.

Even if you know the motion input to know how to use them normally, the game will only allow you to do the simple specials.

The Nintendo 3DS version of Street Fighter 4 was somewhat infamous for letting world warriors like Guile use Sonic Booms and Flash Kicks at any time without needing to load up first, but that mistake apparently won’t be repeated in SF6. .

Sajam also said that he tested Chun-Li’s Kikoken in modern commands, and still had to restrain himself to charge before using the special. If you try to hit the button early, you only get the neutral special.

So it’s probably safe to assume that Simplified Flash Kick will always require you to hold down for a few moments to use it as well.

These kinds of easy controllers aren’t anything new in fighting games at all, given that they’ve been around in one way or another for decades, and they’ve never really had an impact. on the more serious/competitive side of the community.

You don’t see people entering tournaments with easy mod in Capcom versus SNK 2 or Stylish Type in BlazBlue, and we don’t really see that changing with SF6 all of a sudden.

Capcom seems to be balancing modern controls alongside the single-player World Tour mode to bring in new players and see what Street Fighter is all about.

Playing the game this way will be helpful for newcomers to get a feel for how matches work, how combos work, and how to use the ride system, but they won’t have full control of their characters.

If people like what SF6 offers, then the intention seems to be that they eventually switch to using traditional controls to get the full experience.

There are also a lot of people who don’t bother looking at character move lists at all, and it’s pretty hard to blame them.

My girlfriend will play Tekken or Super Smash Bros just fine. with me because you can pick it up and do cool stuff easily, but she doesn’t like Street Fighter because she has no idea what to do.

If modern controls and the World Tour can get him more interested in SF6, that’s a win in my book.

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