Don’t Starve Together Gets Nintendo Switch Version Release Date

After the release of the survival game don’t starvea multiplayer expansion for the game has been released called Don’t starve together. The multiplayer expansion launched as a standalone game with familiar gameplay elements and more where players survive together rather than alone.

Don’t starve together was originally released on April 21, 2016, after being available through Early Access on Steam. Klei Entertainment, the developer, recently posted information on their official forums regarding the release date of Don’t starve together on Nintendo Switch. Don’t starve together will be released for Nintendo Switch on April 12, 2022.


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The announcement that Don’t starve together was coming to Nintendo Switch was revealed during the December 2021 Nintendo Indie World Showcase. now the release of Don’t starve together on the Nintendo Switch is only a month away for fans of the game. However, that’s not the end of the news for Don’t starve together players can look forward to.

dont starve together nintendo switch official release date

According to the developer, players will be able to share their various items and skins across multiple gaming platforms through a new feature called “Shared Unlocks”. Let them play Don’t starve together on PC, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, players can share their character items with each other. The developers are putting the finishing touches on and expect this feature to launch as soon as the Nintendo Switch version of the game is released.

The developer answers some general questions about the new feature. Players will be able to merge their multiple platform accounts into a single Klei account, allowing them to use their items on each connected platform. Once connected, all accounts will share a single “deposit pool” and all connected platform accounts will act as one Klei account. Items that can be shared include Slow Cooker Recipes, Plant Registry, Item Skins, All Characters in Don’t starve together unlocked through drops and character skins. However, the only exception is that bolts cannot be shared between platforms.

Additionally, the new feature will not be available for the PlayStation version of the game at this time, mainly due to the requirements to allow to exceed what the developer team can currently do. However, the developer assures players that if it can make it happen, it will implement it as soon as possible. Additionally, while players will be able to share items in Don’t starve together on multiple platforms, it does not mean that the game will have cross-play. According to the developer, crossplay is something he’s interested in, but admits there’s still a lot of work for the team to do right now.

Don’t starve together is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and will be released for Nintendo Switch on April 12, 2022.

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Source: Klei Entertainment

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