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WarioWare: Gather is the first new game to feature Wario in a while. Wario gets the handle next to his counterpart, Mario. Nintendo seemed to have forgotten that Wario was a bigger star. It still makes its way into spinoff games like Mario Golf: Super Rush, but that’s not enough for the fans. The last Wario Land game was Wario Land: Shake it up for the Wii in 2008.

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The last WarioWare the title was WarioWare Gold in 2018 for the 3DS. It was just a collection but not much new. It’s been a while since the last entirely new game, Game and Wario, which was a 2013 Wii U game. But finally, this series is back. While WarioWare: Gather doesn’t blow the world up with incredible reviews, the Switch game has found a fan base even with its flaws.

Best: Create a party

WarioWare: Get It Together Character Selection Screen

In this game, Wario teams up with various characters from the WarioWare franchise. Each character has a different ability. Wario, for example, can fly anywhere on a stage with ram objects.

Cricket, a loyal student of Wario, can move freely on the ground and jump. Each stage allows players to form a group of three or four to fight, which is a nice touch on top of the character’s creative abilities.

Worse: filler characters

9 volts from WarioWare: come together

Not all playable characters have apparently been created the same. There are a few characters who are imitators but a lesser version of this original character. For example, Mike is a robot who can fly anywhere, like Wario, and shoot in an upward motion.

9-Volt moves with a skateboard that never stops moving, making it more difficult to control. 9-Volt also pulls up, but the idea of ​​using it on Mike is weird.

Best: Animations

Wario from WarioWare: come together

There are animated cutscenes shown throughout the WarioWare: Get It Together is campaign. These cutscenes aren’t fully animated like full animated sequences, but they do look good. They also provide a humorous backdrop to the game which is already filled with wacky jokes.

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The only problem with them is that there weren’t enough of them and they’re not of the best possible quality. They were still a joy despite this.

Worse: can’t skip the story

A cutscene featuring characters from WarioWare: Get It Together

There is another problem with the story that some may find problematic. These anime-like sequences cannot be skipped. The dialogue between the missions cannot be ignored either. This is not a big deal because the text doesn’t take a long time to go through.

However, some players may not care about the story and may just want to play the different mini-games. It would be great if Nintendo could add a jump button to help these types of players.

Best: Nintendo Classics

Play a minigame in WarioWare: Get It Together

The story is presented and separated into different lands found in a world map. Each country is ruled by one of Wario’s friends and they have themes that correlate with the minigame collections. The realm of 9-Volt, for example, is themed Nintendo.

Each of these mini-games covers the gamut of old titles on the NES like Super Mario Bros. in the modern Switch era with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. They are all excellent, if not a bit short-lived.

Worse: multiplayer

A cutscene featuring characters from WarioWare: Get It Together

A big evolution for this series this time around has been the inclusion of multiplayer. Players can tackle the campaign with cooperative gameplay. After that, they can unlock a multiplayer mode that supports four players.

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It looks good on paper, but the problem is WarioWare: Gather is not well balanced for the cooperative. The mini-games become both more difficult and easier depending on the type of mini-game presented. The base multiplayer is also a disappointment as it lacks variety.

Best: C’est An Isekai

A cutscene featuring characters from WarioWare: Get It Together

The premise of WarioWare: Gather is that Wario just finished making his new hit title. As he celebrates with his friends, the game goes haywire and sucks them all into the digital realm. This idea turns the game into an Isekai for Wario and his friends.

It’s an anime term for someone who is transported to a new world. Fans may never have thought that the day would come when Isekai and Wario would be in the same sentence, but it’s a fun concept.

Worse: not enough content

WarioWare World Map: Get It Together

The biggest problem with WarioWare: Gather is that there is not enough content here. The campaign will take a few hours to beat. In order to see each mini-game in each country, it may take a little longer than that.

There’s always the idea of ​​competing for high scores or taking that out for a night of co-op play with friends. The lasting appeal still won’t turn this game into something players will want to come back to more than a handful of times.

Best: The Absurd Weird

Play a minigame in WarioWare: Get It Together

One of the best things about Wario, as a character, is that he’s unpredictable. He’s a weird, rude guy and that’s why a certain Mario fan base adores him. Those WarioWare The games are where Wario really lets go of escaping the gaps in the teeth to fighting an evil alien nose race. The absurdity of this game is top notch even though there aren’t many.

Worse: Teasing Rhythm Heaven

A cutscene featuring characters from WarioWare: Get It Together

It had been an eternity that a WarioWare game came out, as already mentioned. It’s been even longer than a title in the The rhythm paradise the series is out. The last one was Rhythm Heaven Megamix which was for 3DS in 2016.

WarioWare: Gather plays a cruel joke on the players because Dr. Crygor’s land features a rhythm game similar to The rhythm paradise in the introductory cutscene. Unfortunately, its mini-games aren’t rhythm-based. If Wario can recover this spinoff series, there is still hope for more The rhythm paradise to come back one day too.

WarioWare: unite! was released on September 10, 2021 and is only available on Nintendo Switch.

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