Disgaea 7 announced for PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch

The next entry in Nippon Ichi Software’s flagship strategy RPG franchise, Disgaea 7, is slated for release next year.

The Disgaea is one of Nippon Ichi Software’s most popular franchises, having spun off into several manga, light novels, and anime, with the games earning critical acclaim for their storytelling and intricate strategy gameplay. With the last entry, Disgaea 6released on most major consoles in 2021 and 2022, Nippon Ichi Software is developing the next game in the series, Disgaea 7.

The Disgaea the games take place in an over-the-top, animated version of the Netherworld, where players typically take on the role of a demon to lead their conquest. There’s also incredibly silly and humorous dialogue, with complex and incredibly high stats players can achieve and other unconventional elements that fans have praised the series for. Unlike the setting of previous entries, Disgaea 7‘s Netherworld is inspired by Japanese culture, as seen in the very first trailer.


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This trailer reveals the duo of protagonists the player will control, a wandering samurai named Fuji alongside an otaku girl known as Piririka, making it a mix of traditional and modern Japanese culture. From there they will fight through this Netherworld to restore the code of Bushido, which has been lost over time. They’ll encounter several demons with anachronistic designs, only adding to the over-the-top nature and silliness of the game.

Several new features are also highlighted for Disgaea 7like its “Dodeka MAX” system, where player and enemy characters will grow huge and can wreak havoc on the map or open giant treasure chests, a likely parody of Pokemonis the Dynamax mechanic. There is also a reincarnation mechanic where players can transform their weapons into stronger variants, with some weirder ones being an edible sword that heals a player when eaten. This reincarnation also applies to player characters, where their army can reincarnate into a different class to learn several new skills. This development system allows for a variety of character builds, with 45 generic characters to shape into a player’s army.

The other new mechanic for Disgaea 7 is the introduction of Auto Battles and Ranked Battles. The auto-battle mechanic can help players level up their characters and clear the stages they’ve already completed. Ranked Battles is a PvP mode where players can take on computer-controlled versions of other players and their armies, where the AI ​​difficulty level can also be changed.

Disgaea 7 will launch in Japan on PS4, PS5, and Switch on January 26, 2023.

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