Cyberpunk cat game ‘Stray’ coming to Nintendo Switch? Explore announced systems and previous trends

Since Stray’s reveal at PlayStation’s Future of Gaming event in 2020, Annapurna Interactive’s debut title has captured everyone’s attention. After all, few games allow players to control an adorable cat. The next exploration-focused adventure will be released soon, so fans have some questions about it.

For example, is the game coming to the Nintendo Switch platform? Given the popularity of indie games on the hybrid console, it’s no surprise to see more popular titles making the jump from system to system.

Even though Nintendo fans are eagerly awaiting this refreshing experience, they won’t be able to access it through the portable Switch.

Stray won’t launch on Nintendo Switch, future release not announced so far

So far, Stray has only been confirmed for three platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. So no, the game isn’t on the portable system – not yet, at least.

Nintendo Switch is no stranger to late ports. Since the only console platform the game is on is PlayStation, it could be a console-exclusive timed indie release. The Switch has its own share of such games. As such, the title could eventually make its way to other systems.

There’s also the question of whether the game will be technically feasible on Nintendo’s console. Many ports from third-party studios performed relatively poorly, with low resolution image and/or sub-optimal performance.

However, there have been instances where developers have emerged with incredibly impressive ports that raise the bar for what’s possible on the ARM-based Tegra X1 device. So fans will have to wait and keep an eye out for this one.

What is Stray about?

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Stray is set in a forgotten futuristic city where robots thrive and live ordinary lives. A stray cat finds himself separated from his family and must traverse this mysterious sandbox cityscape to find a way back to his loved ones.

The title is developed by BlueTwelve Studios and features third-person gameplay as the furry animal traverses sci-fi environments. These range from neon-lit streets and dimly lit alleyways to overgrown tunnels and industrial complexes. It’s an urban playground to develop cat’s parkour and puzzle-solving skills to progress.

Players will eventually come across a helpful drone called B-12 that will accompany them. Since the cat cannot speak, the little robot will be crucial in communicating with the inhabitants of this urban world.

Many robots encountered will be helpful and provide general information about the city and related matters. And yet, danger will also be present, in the form of hostile creatures that will attempt to attack the cat on sight.

In such scenarios, players will find themselves on the run from hordes of small enemies who can cling to the cat. Along the journey, they will acquire new abilities that will help them solve problems. In the case of dangerous parasites, the B-12 can be enhanced with a beam of light that will vaporize deadly creatures.

Stray will launch on July 19, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 4, and 5. Gamers can read more about the title in Sportskeeda’s review, which is due out soon.

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