Conan O’Brien resurrects his Clueless Gamer series on YouTube

We haven’t seen the last of Conan O’Brien trying to play the newest video games at the moment. Back when O’Brien hosted Conan on TBS, he often appeared in Distraught player segments. As someone who admittedly isn’t a gamer, O’Brien would struggle to try many big titles over the years, and while he mostly failed spectacularly, the Distraught player the segments provided a fun new look at the hottest new and upcoming games.

Conan aired its final episode last year, and it looked like that would also mean the end of Distraught player. This is not the case, as O’Brien took it for his Coco Team YouTube Channel to upload a preview video for the segment return. This time, O’Brien can play games through his Samsung TV rather than a traditional video game console. You can watch the preview below.


Showing that anything can be turned into a video game, the first title O’Brien looks at is for something called Pressure washing simulator. O’Brien is stunned that this has been turned into a game and wonders if other household chores will be handled by the video game as well.

“Wait, the game is now, ‘We’re going to clean a car?’ And then, after that, we’re going to play, Fix this toilet 7000?” quipped the comedian.

After spending time pressure washing a vehicle, O’Brien is treated to a very different kind of game. He tries A Plague Tale: Requiem, a game set during a plague with hordes of infectious rats coming after the player character. The goal is to run away from the vicious rats, but for O’Brien, who has some issues with mastering the controls, he can’t help but run towards them instead.

“Why did I go in Rats?!” he asks.

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Conan O’Brien keeps the distraught player alive

Conan's Clueless Gamer Becomes a TBS TV Show

While the Distraught player was originally a web-only segment, it was eventually featured on Conan where it became one of the most popular aspects of the show. At one point it was announced that there were plans to develop a real Distraught player spin-off series for TBS, and while that didn’t materialize, it shows just how popular the sketches have been for the show. The segments had not become so popular that celebrity guests started coming to play games with O’Brien, such as Elijah Wood, Tony Hawk, Kumail Nanjianai, Bill Hader, Billy Eichner, Peter Dinklage and others.

The last segment of Distraught player to be published before the end of Conan was on the game Biomutant with JB Smoove.

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