Board games that have beautiful dice

Before the days of the internet and before a game console could make a wild dent in gamers’ bank accounts, board games have been the savior of many minds looking for an escape from reality. A little strategy and a good dose of luck are enough to win a dice game.

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Despite board games enter the digital world as new variants of the older past, the very essence of casting the last lady luck mana with the dice in hand was something that couldn’t be let go. With dice being an integral part of all these board games, there are a few sets and packs that provide a sense of greed to call them your own.

7 Zombie dice

Zombie dice aren’t your usual board game one would feel used to, but the 13-dice pack gives off killer vibes. By killer vibes, it would carry its literal definition as players have to take on the role of zombies.

With all the prayers sent to the heavens above and with a quick spin for good fortune, the game either gives brains to eat or a shotgun blast ensuring you lose yours. The matte black dice pack comes in three radium-colored stickers for brains, runners, and shotgun blasts that combine to make one spooky lucky roll!


6 Cubist

A game for budding architects, Cubist is a die-stacking game where players take on the role of architects who compete to build a grand museum of modern art with all of its interiors intact and in place. With such a defined goal, it becomes necessary to have a themed dice game.

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The dice set comes in a pack of 5 colors, and what sets them apart is the marbled finish of their texture. Matte finish colors with distressed textures (similar to museum tiles) give them a sumptuous high note that blends well with the game.

5 Sagrada

Some games require dice to play while some games are only played with dice. One such game is Sagrada. Players must build a giant glass window with nothing but different shades of translucent dice. The game is not as simple as it looks and follows various rules which make building the giant glass window much more difficult.

The standout feature of the dice game is the five shades of gelatin-style semi-transparent dice (purple, cyan, green, yellow, and red). Such a bundle of collective dice stacked on top of each other would look like a fantastic journey to the center of the earth.

4 Exclusive Starfinder and Pathfinder sets

The Pathfinder and its spin-off Starfinder is an RPG board game that has taken to heights lately. The dice game reminds players so much of another game that comes next on the list, but what sets it apart is the sci-fi fantasy theme dripping on its dice.

With similarities to other RPG board games, the set includes a collection of 7 polyhedral dice: one of each dice D20, D12, D8, D6, D4 and two D10s one of which is a 00-90 while the other is a 0- 9. The dice set alone can be found sold exclusively at nearby stores. Notable pieces like The Devastation Ark, Attack of the Swarm or the Dead Suns are the most irresistible pieces for fans of the game.

3 Dungeons and Dragons

Any list concerning board games cannot be complete without the mention of Dungeons & Dragons. J&Das it’s affectionately known in modern pop culture, is a board game that commands one of the biggest fandoms in the board game space and has never shied away from appearing on popular TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and stranger things.

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With such a fan base, there is no doubt that the game dictates the need for exclusive dice packs in the context of its theme and folklore. With over 100 polyhedral dice game variations available for play, it would take a long list to rank them all one by one and exclusive.

Dice come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and geometries, but for them to be sort of a mini-toy with context, it’s a whole different ballgame. Football Fever is all American football, but on a board game. What makes his dice game interesting is that it is well designed in the context of real life football needs.

The dice pack contains a total of four defense dice, six attack dice, and five melee dice with a singular piece each for extra points, field kick, kickoff, return kick, a kick return, a punt, an option die, an in/out die and an umpire die. The dice game might not be as gorgeous as the rest of the list, but it has extra points to be true to the nature of the game.

1 Dayakatai

A lesser known game has its origins in the southern part of India, namely Dayakattai, and is pretty much the Indian version of Ludo but with a certain quota of changes in the rules and math of its gameplay. The game being traditionally transmitted from generation to generation, its origins go back to Antiquity.

What stands out in the game is the use of solid brass cuboid dice with dotted engravings indicating the numbers. This special mention may not live up to the looks of the others mentioned in the list, but a few cuboid dice traveling through generations have significant value on their own.

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