Best RPGs that will be 10 years old in 2023

2013 was an exciting time for video games, as the arrival of PS4 and Xbox One offered huge potential for new gaming experiences. Initially, their launch lineups left a lot to be desired for gamers. fans of huge RPGs, as some games struggled to bridge the gap between previous generations and new ones. This left plenty of room for more unique games to get the attention they deserved.

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Perhaps more than any other genre, RPGs tend to stick with you long after the credits roll. There are so many unique RPGs from 2013, but here’s a collection of those that are more than worth your time if you can get your hands on them today.


10/10 dragon crown

Fight in the crown of the dragon

Before the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck, there weren’t many places to check out story-driven console-like games on the go. Although short-lived, Sony’s PlayStation Vita was a genuine attempt to give gamers powerful hardware to emulate a console-like experience on the go. One of the best RPGs on the Vita was Dragon’s Crown.

The game was a nice homage to the side-scrolling action beat ’em-ups of yore, and incorporated RPG mechanics into a beautifully colored 2D world. There are six different classes to play and experience, each with their own leveling paths that make every read of the story engaging and side content unique.

9/10 Path of exile

Fighting enemies in Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a loot-based action-RPG that had a very noble goal to build on its inspiration and go beyond the Diablo series in terms of role-playing flexibility. It more than achieved this by introducing deep lore, competitive PvP, and a unique passive skill tree system that allowed for a variety of diverse builds and huge replayability.

Since its release, a host of new content, skills, gear, and expansions have been added to keep you busy for years to come. As a free-to-play experience, the game is still enjoyed daily by gamers around the world, often outnumbering the likes of the Diablo series with its concurrent players.

8/10 Dragon’s Dogma: Darth Arisen

The player character and three pawns fight together against a giant cyclops monster in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

As an expansion and re-release of the original game released the previous year, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen builds on and adds to one of the cult RPG hits of the 2010s. It was a unique action RPG from Capcom who brought some interesting ideas to the table. The combat is more in line with something you’d find in a Monster Hunter game, letting you fight and climb terrifyingly huge beasts as you take them down.

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It’s got all the typically deep customization and quests you’d expect from a Japanese RPG, but has also introduced pawns – helpful NPCs that will aid you in battle and do your bidding. Dark Arisen is a much more comprehensive package that contains all of the content and DLC from the original release, plus new skills, gear, monsters, and a whole new questline and region.

7/10 Fire Emblem: Awakening

Combat in Fire Emblem Awakening

Released in 2012 in Japan and in early 2013 in the rest of the world, Fire Emblem: Awakening for Nintendo 3DS finally brought the superb series of tactical RPGs to the general public. The game retained its very in-depth tactical strategy, while making it more widely accessible.

Awakening introduced new systems that are still used in the series today, including the ability to pair up teammates to improve their combat performance. It received rave reviews and was a huge hit, spawning a variety of sequels and spin-offs, and as a result Fire Emblem has rightfully become one of Nintendo’s flagship series.

6/10 Tales of Xillia

Run through town in Tales of Xillia

Originally released as a PlayStation 3 exclusive in Japan only in 2011, Tales of Xillia is a fantasy JRPG that was later released in 2013 internationally. It was the first game in the long-running Tales series to feature a third-person perspective and feature a male and female protagonist. It also included a new combat system that allowed players to “bond” with an AI companion, often leading to devastating and powerful offensive moves.

Although not considered the best of the series, Tales of Xillia brought a host of new ideas and systems which then influenced later games, and it is considered one of the most important titles. of the Tales series to date.

5/10 Shin Megami Tensei 4

Animated cutscene in Shin Megami Tensei IV

Nintendo was definitely on a roll in 2013. Another 3DS hit, Shin Megami Tensei 4 is a classic that’s considered one of the best handheld RPGs. It features a compelling narrative that tackles dark and gritty themes.

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The story can branch out in several ways, with each of the characters being fully voiced for the first time in the series. All of this provides a fantastic backdrop for all the dungeon-crawling, exploration, and demon-hunting you’ll do through your turn-based battles and a wide variety of optional quests.

4/10 Return of Shadowrun

Cyberpunk town in Shadowrun Returns

The aptly named Shadowrun Returns was something of a reboot for Shadowrun, which was originally a series of early ’90s console games based on a popular set of Cyberpunk-themed tabletop RPGs.

It has a very intriguing narrative, where typical fantasy tropes are thrown into an exploitative, society-filled hyper-capitalist, cyberpunk society not too dissimilar to our own. It’s a dark tale filled with mystery and conspiracy, giving players plenty of options for character building, and features engaging XCOM-style turn-based tactical combat. It was adored by fans and later produced two sequels to make it into a fantasy trilogy.

3/10 Pokemon X and Y

Main character exploring the city in Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X & Y were a monumental shake-up for the series in many ways. For the first time, Pokemon was playable in a semi-3D isometric perspective, with fully 3D models instead of the old 2D sprites. The combat system was also more visually interesting and included more animations, which made things much less static.

The game used a variety of clever social and online features that made it easier to fight and trade with other trainers, making you feel more connected. Its increased emphasis on story and more meaningful characters pushed the series in a positive direction that influenced some of the best features of Pokemon’s later iterations.

2/10 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Oliver on the back of a dragon creature in Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch

Originally released for PS3 in Japan in 2011, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was officially released in the West in 2013. The breathtaking visuals and iconic Studio Ghibli animation and music are the highlights. most striking features of this JRPG. masterpiece.

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Beneath the game’s undeniable charm lies a wonderful story of a boy trying to reconnect with his mother. The combat is somewhat reminiscent of what you’d find in a Pokemon game, as you do battle with some very cute pets you’ve captured, all in a combined real-time and turn-based tactical style. It’s a great introduction to JRPGs, especially for those who are fans of Studio Ghibli’s stellar brand of storytelling.

1/10 Final Fantasy 14: A Kingdom Reborn

Black Mage standing in front of a rock formation in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

After the huge and continued success of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, it may be hard to remember that it was the result of a desperate pivot by Square Enix to fix the failure of its second major MMORPG attempt with Final Fantasy. After nearly a decade of consistent acclaim and an active fanbase, it’s now easily considered one of the best Final Fantasy entries of all time. Never give up, kids.

A Realm Reborn’s world-building is brilliant because everything ties into the narrative in some way, making it much more appealing to single-player players than the typical MMO. The developers constantly listened to players and implemented changes based on their feedback, which helped the Final Fantasy community a lot. After several huge expansions and consistent updates, the game could easily enjoy another ten years at the top.

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