AppleTV as a future game console?

People have made comments in the past that Apple will never break into industries like music players, phones, cars… but if there’s an industry they definitely can’t break into , it would be the video game industry. They can’t understand and they don’t care enough to try.

They would need to design hardware that would attract developers in addition to those already making games for smartphones… which is not impossible, their Apple-Silicon Macs are prime examples of good hardware. But if these Macs aren’t good enough to grab the attention of the PC gaming market, I have even less faith in an Apple console.

Input is also important, even more so than hardware power. Apple would need to build and bundle a controller because if it doesn’t have a default controller, it makes developers unsure of how their game will play. And remember that fiasco when Apple required game developers to support remote-only gameplay…? You could never play a AAA console game with this. It shows how out of touch Apple is with video games.

Oh, and if the hardware design of Apple’s keyboards, mice, and remotes is any indicator, an Apple controller wouldn’t be ergonomic at all to play with…maybe Apple could come up with some neat gadgets, but the comfort is super important and they seem to struggle with it surprisingly often.

And making it affordable enough to attract typical console customers is…pretty unlikely. It doesn’t seem like Apple cares about making things affordable, only high-end hardware that it can charge premium or higher prices for, which is not in the realm of console gaming at all. That would make more sense in the Mac world when it comes to PC gaming, but even then you’re not getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to PC gaming.

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