Adorable Animal Crossing craft build turns Switch Dock into Nook’s Shop

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has created an adorable 3D version of Nook’s Cranny for his Nintendo Switch dock, including favorite NPCs.

A cute and unique craft project added a Animal Crossing: New Horizons themed to a player’s Nintendo Switch dock, including cutouts of favorite NPCs. Customizing the Nintendo Switch and its docks can be a great way to add personal style to the consoles, with hard cases, vinyl covers and rubber covers all available for purchase or purchase. the making. However, some fans have taken these customizations to a new level, creating handcrafted masterpieces that make their gear one of a kind.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a great option for Switch decoration. The game series has remained popular since its initial launch and features cute characters, bright colors, and standout prints, like the iconic leaf logo. Skins with simple designs like Star Fragments offer a subtle and interesting way to decorate a Switch, while others can choose colors or skins based on a specific character like Isabelle or Celeste. There is even a special Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch set that comes themed after play right out of the box, eliminating the need for post-purchase decorating or acting as a great base for other unique additions.


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In a post on Reddit shared by Mr_Pioupiou, the New Horizons shows off an amazing craft project centered around the Nintendo Switch dock. The Nook’s Cranny storefront was built around the dock using handcrafted lumber and includes details such as spotlights for the store sign, bucket, mop and scrub brush against the side of the building, and even windows displayed behind small panes. The shop has also been painted, with bright and inviting colors, similar to the in-game visuals of the shop.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook's Cranny Craft Bin

See the full post on Reddit here.

Additionally, Mr_Pioupiou took the time to create pop-up figures of popular NPCs from the animal crossing series. Tom Nook, Tommy, Timmy, Celeste, and several others gathered outside the storefront, appearing to gaze excitedly at the building. The pop-ups are made of the same wood as the construction of Nook’s Cranny, and according to a description in one of the images, they are for another project the craftsman is currently working on. Although it is not specified whether they are hand-drawn or printed, the bright and precise depictions of each add to the immersion of the project.

While moving a Nintendo Switch dock with this type of elaborate decoration can be tricky once complete, the unique embellishments will likely add a decorative touch to any space the dock is installed in. A similar setup for New Horizons’ A museum or a gamer’s house could also make for great plans, and with the right Nintendo Switch Joy-Con covers, gamers could make it look like the sky behind the building. Projects like these are a great way to Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans to come together and share their creativity.

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Source: Mr_Pioupiou/Reddit

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