A clear downgrade on Nintendo Switch

Earlier this month it was announced that MLB The Show 22 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. This is the first time that the baseball simulation, developed by Sony San Diego Studios, will be available on a Nintendo platform. It was previously a PlayStation exclusive, but last year marked the first time it had come out of Sony’s closed walls and released on Xbox. This year it is also coming to Nintendo Switch.

We got our first look at MLB The Show 22 gameplay on Nintendo Switch during the last Direct presentation and, well, that confirmed my suspicions. The Switch version is definitely a downgrade from Xbox and PlayStation.

This is not necessarily a surprise. The Switch version has already been confirmed to be on par with the last gen when it comes to features, which means there’s no stadium creator. And it’s no secret that the Switch hardware is grossly underpowered compared to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

But even knowing all of that, the general consensus – even among Switch owners – is that this build feels rough. The gameplay drew comparisons to an early version of the PS3 with a poor frame rate and sub-par graphics. Check it out below.

While I was expecting graphical degradation, the frame rate certainly concerns me the most. Trying to hit terrain with choppy frame rates definitely feels frustrating. Hopefully they are able to smooth out the gameplay, because at the moment it seems difficult. If Sony can get it running at a consistent frame rate, Switch owners will at least have a solid baseball title they can play at home or on the go, which would be really awesome, especially with cross-progression , cross-saves and even cross-platform. player.

MLB The Show 22 is scheduled to launch on April 5, 2022 for all platforms. Those who purchase one of the game’s Collector’s Editions can get early access starting April 1.

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